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Ben Chen (CAS ’18)

Ben Chen is currently a freshman at CAS, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business. He is a cutie for sure. This young gentleman was born in China, but grew up in Boston, MA. 

In high school, Ben had been involved in many different aspects of extracurricular activities. His passions were playing basketball and singing. When it comes to basketball, it is a sport that he shares with his closest guy friends. One day he decided to join his high school’s Show Choir, and was one of only three boys in the choir! 
Now that he is at the best college in the world, he has become even more involved with his community. He is playing intramural basketball with members of the Hong Kong Student Association, and still sings whenever he gets the chance. Ben is also a Freshman Rep for the Chinese Student Association, where he can help with planning cultural and social events among the Asian community. 
His biggest achievement so far has been getting into one of the best dance crews on campus, Unofficial Project! Isn’t he so talented?! Smart, athletic, musical and knows how to move! 
Random fun fact about Ben: Did you know that he is a foodie?! He’s always down to try out new restaurants, and loves to have fancy dine-ins. If you like what you hear, definitely hit this cutie up ;)
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