Bangs are Taking Over the World!

Source: Yahoo

Bangs may look like a harmless hairstyle to the unsuspecting onlooker. While this is true in the case of five-year-old girls whose moms want them to look cute, the same cannot be said for a grown a$s woman making this chop. You see, it doesn’t take a reformer to sport a simple side part. You are guaranteed to look good under those safe strands! (End of alliteration). What is not promised to any woman is the prospect of success in the realm of bangs. And that is why it takes some hormone-induced courage to take the plunge.

If you or a loved one are thinking of banging it, let me share this piece of advice with you. I myself committed the signature slash (actual end of alliteration) one week ago, and like any sensible woman I was filled with apprehension. Who would I be once those inches were lost? Would I still get my birthday discount at Sephora? Would my mother still recognize me on FaceTime? My advice to the considering lady is this: it’s now or never, baby. You WILL look weird for a little bit. You WILL have to adjust to walking in the wind. You WILL have to reveal a piece of information to your mom that only you would know, to prove your shaken identity. But once the waves settle, there is nothing stopping you from conquering the patriarchy, and BP, and Monsanto. You go girl.

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