This App Will Change Your Instagram Food Stories for the Better!

If you’re anything like me, then you’re totally caught up in the obsession of posting Instagram stories. I love showcasing sunsets, shopping finds, and most importantly: FOOD!

To make every dish pop I’ve started using this free app called Foodie. It’s super easy to use; just open up the app, choose a filter, and take a picture that is automatically saved to your camera roll. Foodie has perfected the filters to make food look as good as it deserves to.

Photo Credit: App Store

This app seriously makes or breaks my Instagram stories. I will not post a picture from a restaurant without using it! They have filter suggestions for things like breakfast, coffee, desserts, and drinks.

My personal favorite filters at YU2 and SW1, sticking to YU2 for meals and SW1 for desserts. I don’t know what magic this app is working, but it creates the perfect image that will make you forget the wait to dive into the food!

Photo Credit: Foodie

The power of this food capturing lens is so obvious when you compare what the plate looks like without it. I went to a natural foods café and smoothie bar called ROOTS and tested the Foodie app out on a sandwich and smoothies!

Here you can see how much brighter the colors become after using the app. The green is especially emphasized, and the overall picture is brightened. The elements of the sandwiches can be distinguished from one another and look oh-so appetizing.

I also tested out the app at Boston restaurants Cafeteria and Citrus & Salt, as seen below.

Everyone knows selfies look better on Snapchat, so it’s about time for food to have its own perfect app! Download Foodie for free here.


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