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This past Friday, Latin pop artist Becky G released her debut studio album Mala Santa. After giving it a thorough listen, I have accumulated a review of her fresh new bops!

My first impression of the album was, overall, a good one — I liked it. Instantly, I felt a coalition between Latin music and Rhythm and Blues on the track. The first song on the album, “MALA SANTA,” opens up with a nice introduction to the rest of the record.

A more in-depth listen revealed that the bulk of the album consists of a mix of tracks with a fast tempo and a few slower, more relaxed songs. 

“NI DE TI NI DE NADIE,” “Sin Pijama,” and “Mayores” are just a few of the faster tempo songs that I love in particular — they have a very upbeat vibe to them!

The slower songs, such as “PELEAS” and “SUBIENDO,” are a really good listen too. Now, when I say “slower,” keep in mind that these are not ballads. Becky’s style is definitely more R&B infused, and that is seen all throughout her discography. 

That being said, these songs are definitely the more chill ones on the album. 

As with any album, the more I listen, the more my favorite songs change. The songs that stuck out to me right off the bat were “DOLLAR” and “EN MI CONTRA.” Currently, I love these two, but my tastes will definitely be evolving as the weeks go on! 

I really love branching out and trying new music. As a non-native Spanish speaker, I used to be intimidated by listening to non-English music. However, the more I try out new Latin artists, the more I have discovered just how truly great they are.

With the release of this album, I’m super excited to see what comes next from Becky. For now, I know I’ll keep jamming out to the songs from Mala Santa

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Olivia Gorman, or Liv as her friends call her, is a sophomore at Boston University. Liv is studying public relations in BU's college of communication. Her favorite things in this world stem anywhere from fashion, to iced coffee, or movies. Liv loves a good laugh, a good book, and a great cheekbone contour. Olivia is from Boston, Massachusetts.
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