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The Adventures of a Californian Taking on the Boston Weather

Since my move from California to Boston, I have slowly but surely adjusted to all of the unexpected and unfamiliar weather patterns. However, I did get off on a bad start.

The first day that it rained I was completely unprepared and I think I made it very clear to everyone that I was from California and a rookie at understanding the weather. The morning was sunny and it was hot outside, but by the time I came out of my second class it was raining the hardest I have ever seen it rain. I had a 15-minute walk to my next class on the other side of campus, and all I was wearing was a white t-shirt and thin flowy pants. I just had to suck it up and walk and by the time I got to my next class my hair was completely drenched and my clothes had become a full shade darker. I had to sit dripping through that hour lecture embarrassed at my Californian foolishness.

Before coming to Boston, I hardly ever checked the weather, but now it has become an essential part of my daily routine when I get ready in the morning. After a couple of freezing walks to class, I eventually discovered that when you look at the weather application, there is a section that tells you not only the temperature but what temperature it “feels like.” This is a lifesaver because the “feels like” temperature is usually about 10 degrees colder, and ever since I discovered this I have gotten better at dressing reasonably for the weather.

When it snows here is also really exciting. The snow makes everything so pretty and even though the temps are cold, I don’t mind it at all. The first day that it snowed this year everyone got so excited – we all went out, had snowball fights, and built snowmen. It was also the first time that some people had ever seen snow, so that was also amazing to witness.

I think that having gloomy and rainy days has just made me appreciate the sunny days that we have here so much more. At home, a sunny day is not significant or special, but here, even if it is still really cold, seeing the sun can brighten my day and make me so much happier.


I love experiencing different weather and have adjusted relatively well so far!


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India is a freshman in the College of Communications, but is currently undecided. She is from Hermosa Beach California and is used to living by the beach. She's not sure how the winter is going to go, but she is excited to make Boston her new home this year!
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