Abby’s Weekly Music Review— FINNEAS, ROLE MODEL, and More

This week I break down new music releases from both old favorites and notable emerging artists.

  1. 1. ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’ by FINNEAS

    If you’ve heard Billie Eilish’s music then you’ve heard the talented production work of Finneas. While Finneas is a genius with the songs he writes for his sister, the young singer also produces and sings great music of his own. However, his new release does not speak to his talent. ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’ is nothing new. The lyrics are corny, the production is a bit confusing, and it feels like a song I’ve already heard walking through a Target. Finneas has done better and will hopefully have a better showing on the new Billie track dropping in November.

  2. 2. our little angel - EP by ROLE MODEL

    Tucker Pillsbury, also known as ROLE MODEL, is an emerging face among the young, alt-pop music scene. The rumored boyfriend of Emma Chamberlain, the tattooed singer-songwriter has captured fans’ hearts. His second EP, our little angel, feels promising. The six track project is full of tunes with bouncy, upbeat drums and talk-singing lyrics. While the songs on the EP start to feel a bit repetitive, there are some definite standouts like ‘blind’ and ‘for the people in the back.’ This EP was a nice glimpse of the singer’s potential, and I’m excited to see what music ROLE MODEL continues to release. 

  3. 3. ‘Freeway’ by Briston Maroney

    One of the smaller indie artists I am most excited about is Briston Maroney. Maroney’s music is the perfect mix of folk guitar twang and punk rock excitement. With his new release, the young singer slows it down a bit and lays it all out in the open. ‘Freeway’ has very heartfelt and raw lyrics, paired with a simple back beat and a snazzy guitar riff. I love how you can really feel the emotion in Maroney’s vocals. This is my favorite release of the week and is definitely worth a listen.

  4. 4. ‘Faith Healer’ by Julien Baker

    You might recognize Julien Baker from her appearance in the iconic girl band ‘boygenius’ alongside Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. On Wednesday, Julien Baker released her first track since 2019, also announcing a new album set to drop in late February. ‘Faith Healer’ is an honest and sentimental song focusing on the challenges of addiction. The lyrics are thoughtful and draw on religious tropes. Baker’s vocals sound pristine, and I also love the repetitive guitar strumming pattern. I’m very excited to hear Julien Baker’s album in February and would strongly recommend checking out her music in the meantime.

Tune in again next Sunday to hear my opinions on next week’s new releases. Or, follow my Spotify for more music suggestions!

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