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Finding new restaurants and fun places to eat is always a fun part of moving to a new place. But what about finding vegan restaurants? Veganism, a lifestyle that involves consuming no animal products, is steadily on the rise. Whether or not you’re vegan, chances are you know someone who is. Vegan food can still be just as delicious and flavorful as its meaty counterparts, and these spots around Boston won’t disappoint!

double zero

Double Zero is a hip restaurant serving vegan pizza/italian food. It’s menu offers everything from classic margherita pizzas, to pesto pizzas, to pasta (and don’t forget dessert)! Everything on the menu is completely plantbased, including the vegan cheese that tastes amazingly similar to dairy cheese.

Life alive

Okay, so Life Alive is actually a vegetarian restaurant, but their menu is almost completely vegan. Life Alive serves grain bowls, salads and smoothies, among other things. There are locations all around Boston, but one is conveniently located on Commonwealth Avenue across from the Agganis Arena.


If you are looking for vegan desserts, Fomu is for you! An all vegan ice cream shop, Fomu serves everything from sundaes, to frappes, to brownies and baked goods. If you have friends that are cynical of vegan food, definitely bring them here.

playa bowls

Playa bowls offers a wide range of smoothie bowls and smoothies, most of which can be made vegan. I’ve had a hard time finding acai bowls that challenge California’s, but Playa Bowls is definitely a match.

Vegan or not, these spots for vegan food are sure to please everyone!

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