8 Reasons to Love Cold Weather Instead of Hating It

Most people seem to dread the long winter months in New England and constantly complain about the cold when they’re outside. Personally, I love the cold! Here are some reasons why…


1. You Can Cozy Up Indoors

The freezing temperatures outside make for a perfect excuse to relax inside with some pajamas, blankets, fuzzy socks, and hot cocoa to keep you warm. Grab a book or cue up your next Netflix binge and treat yo’self.


2. Snow!

The plus side of cold weather is that pesky rain turns into magical snow! Aside from it being beautiful, you can use it to make snowmen, have snowball fights with friends, and make snow angels. There are so many things you can’t do when it’s warm out! Enjoy living in a “Winter Wonderland.”


3. Hot Drinks Are in Season

Hot cocoa… tea…  coffee… you can now enjoy them so much more! Press that warm mug to your lips and feel the steam warm your face as you delight in your favorite cold weather drink.


4. The Holiday Season

Cold weather means the holiday season is here – the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays wouldn’t be complete without the authentic cold weather to accompany them!


5. Winter Accessories

Cozy up with a hat, a scarf, and some gloves before you brace for the cold outside and look cute while doing it!


6. Natural Blush

Photo from wonderwardrobes.com

Who needs to put on blush when the cold just does it for you? Enjoy the natural flush look while the cold weather lasts.


7. Snow Days

Gif from redbarninc.com

It’s true – the snow might get a little excessive sometimes – but at least it sometimes cancels classes! Who doesn’t love a day off to admire the fallen snow outside?


8. You Feel Alive


Guess why you feel the chilly temperatures? It’s because you’re a living human being. You can see your breath in the cold air. You can feel the blood rush to your cheeks when the wind smacks you in the face and demands that you notice wonders of winter.  The cold weather reminds you that you’re alive!


It’s very easy to view cold weather in a negative light, but it makes your life so much happier when you have an optimistic attitude towards it instead! So, when you’re outside and feel the crisp air on your face, remember these reasons why you love the cold.


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