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7 Products to Help Any Neat Freak Living in a Dorm Room

So you’re a neat freak who, namely, is freaking out about living in a dorm room. Save the stress for your homework. Living in a tiny space doesn’t have to mean clutter 24/7. Give these products a try to organize and watch all of your random stuff find its home in your tiny cinderblock room.



A reasonably priced, sturdy, all-purpose notebook for to-do lists, grocery lists, all lists all the time!

Did you know that you’re much more likely to do something if you write it down? I’ve used these notebooks for years and I refuse to try a different one. They’re classic, the perfect size, and bonus points for the little pocket in the back that’s perfect for storing things like business cards. Whether you bullet journal with a million different colored pens or just like making good ‘ole to-do lists, a personal notebook is something that all college students should have on hand.

A set of cable clips

At the end of a long day, looking at a million cluttered cords can throw you into a full-blown mental breakdown. If you’re like me, your tiny desk area can quickly become chaos of chargers, extension cords, and lamp cables. Save yourself the headache of untangling your cords from the wheels of your spinning chair and get a pack of cable clips to keep those cords out of sight and out of mind.

A cute folder/paper organizer that doubles as decor, right?

Save some of that valuable drawer space and get an organizer! This is perfect for folders, notebooks, and random flyers and handouts that otherwise wouldn’t have a home. Having things out on your desk like this will help you pay attention to them, so things don’t get lost in the deep depths of your desk.

Storage bins

Three words: foldable. storage. bins. Put a couple of these under your bed, in your closet, on top of your minifridge, or anywhere you can fit them. Fill them up with the random stuff that doesn’t have a place yet! They’re perfect for snacks, socks, and cleaning supplies. Even better, when it’s time to move out, just collapse them to save room in your suitcases and boxes!

Sturdy Command Hooks

Is the one hook on the back of your door just not cutting it? Living in a dorm is all about finding the best way to use up extra space. It’s no secret that Command Hooks are perfect for college kids, as they don’t leave any marks on the wall when it’s time to move out. These hooks are great for storing jackets, purses, backpacks, reusable grocery bags, and towels.

A set of interlocking desk organizers

Look, you don’t have a lot of desk drawer space, and the longer the semester drags on, the more stuff you seem to acquire. Make some sense of your junk drawers with these desk organizers. They’re perfect for any desk set-up because they’re completely customizable! You’ll finally be able to see exactly what you have.

A bunch of velvet hangers

I’m sorry, but it’s time to ditch those flimsy wire hangers from home. Say goodbye to wide-necked tops slipping onto the ground any time you so much as move anything in your closet. Having only one type hanger makes a huge difference in the way your closet looks, which will make everything look way more put together. It’s just better, trust me.

We all know that an organized mind starts on the outside. An organized room (or, um, half of a room) will help you stay focused on everything else going on in your life. It’s time to stop worrying about your mess. Take the extra couple of seconds per day to put everything in its place and you’ll notice a huge change in your mental clarity. We feel better when all of our stuff has a home. Go forth, organize, and make Marie Kondo proud! 


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