7 Pop Christmas Songs You Don’t Want to Skip

Thanksgiving is over and that means it's finally socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music! To be honest with you though, I've been bopping to my Spotify Christmas playlist since before Halloween (sorry, not sorry), but I'll save that debate for another time.

I’ve been curating my holiday season playlist since 2017 and it is currently composed of 112 songs, ranging from old-time classics to the best Christmas album of all (yes, I’m talking Michael Bublé’s Christmas) to my favorite Christmas music genre – pop. I love when modern artists add their own twist to a classic or write their own original Christmas song.

I personally think it’s the Christmas playlist to beat all Christmas playlists, but take a listen to it here and decide for yourself. In case you don’t want to listen to all 112 songs, however, here are the seven essentials. They may not be the classics, but you don’t want to miss them.

  1. 1. “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande

    You may already be familiar with this 2014 bop, but if not, you’re welcome! You should also check out Ariana Grande’s other Christmas albums – Christmas Kisses and Christmas & Chill  they’re full of some of my other favorites.

  2. Listening to this song will make you feel warm and cozy inside and cause your heart to swell. We love a good Christmas love song, especially when it’s sung by Jacob Whitesides (I suggest listening to his other works, as well).

  3. 3. “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson

    This song is a soon-to-be Christmas classic (I mean “All I Want for Christmas Is You” status). At least I listen to it so much that it feels like a classic in my mind. This song is so merry, you’ll want to listen to it on repeat and dance along!

  4. 4. “Drummer Boy” by Justin Bieber ft. Busta Rhymes

    I may not be a fan of the Biebs, but I cannot deny that his 2011 Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe, slaps, and “Drummer Boy” is definitely no skip. This twist on the classic might be a little cringy, but its catchiness makes up for it. Also, this album is from Justin Bieber’s pure days––during the time of his famous hair flip.

  5. 5. “Like It’s Christmas” by the Jonas Brothers

    The Jonas Brothers just released this new Christmas original a couple of weeks ago and I would like to thank them. Not only are the boys back together, but they’re also dropping Christmas tunes? Iconic. I’m so grateful. Listen to this song and try to not sing along!

  6. “Puppies Are Forever” may be overshadowed by the other bops on Sia’s 2017 Christmas album, Everyday Is Christmas, but I still find it essential to my holiday music shuffle. If you love dogs, Christmas, and Sia, you’ll love this song! I’m not even the biggest fan of Sia, but I still love jamming out to this tune. It’s really fun to listen to, but it also carries an important message that dogs are not just toys and gifts.

  7. 7. “Make It To Christmas” by Alessia Cara

    Alessia Cara also just released a new original holiday track, blessing our ears with “Make It To Christmas.” Like some classic Christmas songs, she sings about heartbreak around the holidays, but in a way that still makes the listeners feel jolly and want to dance to it all night long.

I could go on and on with this list, but I gotta get to wrapping my gifts and decorating my tree! I hope you find my Christmas playlist filled with joy. Happy holidays from Her Campus BU!

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