6 Things All BU Students Say

If I must say, going to Boston University is whole other experience. While college life in general is very different for each and every student, there are some common phrases every college student can relate to. Moreover, college is such a full-on and unique experience that college students, especially BU students, have become their own special breed. In order to see what is popular and most relatable on campus, I went out and asked a few students to see what phrases are used in a typical college student’s vocabulary over the course of their years and here were some of the most frequent answers:


1. "I will have to get a __ on this test to pass the class.”

I know I’m not the only one who makes an Excel sheet with all potential grades before actually taking the class. In fact, you will find more people who even calculate their GPA beforehand depending on the intensity of the class and curves (if you’re lucky) the professor might give. Grade deflation is rough everywhere, but if you go to BU and are taking hard classes, you will know that calculating how well you have to do on a test just to pass the class is often the only assurance you’ll ever get.


2. “I have an essay due tomorrow and haven’t even started.”

Again, another common college student quote that is very popular among BU students. Whether you’re taking any of the WR classes, or just have to write a paper for your other classes, you will most probably find yourself at Mugar the night before, hoping you will be able to create a diamond under all the pressure. Sure, you promise yourself that you will start your next paper two weeks in advance but let’s face it, do we ever learn?


3. “Is the bus here?”

Nothing gets all BU students together like the unreliability of the BU shuttle. Of course, there are those blessed moments when you see a lot of people gathered at the stop and you quickly sprint in hopes of being able to get on. But sometimes even once you get on, you realize it might have been better to walk rather than being packed like sardines.


4. “Why is West so far?”

Okay so West is not THAT far, but as it starts to get cold and the T occasionally stops working, you will try to find every excuse to not go to that class in CGS. Walking to West against the wind is a struggle, not to mention the metal strip, which may or may not give you a concussion if you are not careful enough.


5. “There’s free pizza at the meeting.”

Clubs are a great way to get more involved on campus and meet new friends, but when you’re a college student who doesn’t want to waste a dining hall swipe, meetings with free food are the way to go. Plus, it’s a great way to bribe your friends into coming to boring meetings with you!


6. “I have the worst schedule.”

Registration can really mess with BU students — especially when the class you were planning to take gets filled up or your schedule turns out to be a nightmare. Unless your schedule is actually pretty bad and you have back to back three-hour labs, you’re most likely going to hate your schedule if you have any classes on Fridays or before 10 AM. Will registration ever be good? I guess we’ll have to find out.


Of course, Boston University is pretty huge with over 30,000 students and so this list is never ending but hopefully, my fellow BU students could relate nevertheless!


Cover photo credit: WBUR


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