6 Food Blogs That Will Make You Drool

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on my phone, there’s a very high possibility that I’m scrolling through food accounts on Instagram. There’s something about Buzzfeed Tasty videos that are just too satisfying. Aside from social media, there are plenty of food blogs out there that are so fun and satisfying to read up on, even if you don’t have a kitchen to make all of the fabulous recipes in. Here’s a list of my top 6 must-follow blogs for my fellow foodies. 


1. Wood and Spoon

Photo from thewoodandspoon.com 

I discovered this blog through Instagram (@katie_clova) and am so glad I did! Kate is the queen of how-to videos and high-quality photos. Whether it be brown sugar cheesecake or Funfetti cookies, I love reading all the recipes she mixes in with stories about her family. 


2. Joy the Baker 

Photo from joythebaker.com 

This blog has the perfect mix of drool-worthy photos and humor. It’s perfect not only for the best creamy pumpkin pie bars recipe (hello November!) but also for when you just need a laugh. Joy’s unique voice comes through in all of her posts. Instagram: @joythebaker


3. RachLMansfield 

Photo from rachlmansfield.com

Sometimes you want a piece of cake and other times you want (or need) a good helping of spinach. This blog is your spot for healthy eats that still taste really good. Rachel offers dorm-friendly recipes, like these nut butter bites and chocolate chip espresso overnight oats that are easy, delicious, and healthy. Instagram: @rachlmansfield


4. The College Food Blog

Photo from thelifeofjolie.com

Need I say anything else? Sure, it’s nice to read up on extravagant cakes and dinners but sometimes you’re desperate for practical advice on what to make that doesn’t break the bank. This simple website offers up a wide variety of recipes from other blogs that are easy and delicious.


5. Ambitious Kitchen 

Photo from ambitiouskitchen.com 

This is another great place to find recipes that are healthy and tasty. Also, Monique’s Instagram (@ambitiouskitchen) is one I check up on probably a little too often. The photos and videos she posts are so delicious-looking, like this mac and cheese and these mason jar salads, and are perfect to make in your dorm.


6. Faring Well

Photo from faring-well.com 

This is a great blog for anybody who’s vegan or on a plant-based diet. Following this lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice delicious meals, and this blog proves that! This pumpkin oatmeal looks especially incredible. Instagram: @_faringwell


Hope you all enjoyed this drool-worthy list of food blogs, and feel inspired to get cooking. Whether you're a seasoned chef or you're just starting out, there's a recipe out there for everyone. Happy foodie-ing! 

Cover photo from thewoodandspoon.com