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I’m always looking for new musicians to listen to. Here are some of my current favorite underrated artists. Some of these acts are actually quite well-known, but I believe all of them deserve to be way more popular.

Declan McKenna

Declan has been one of my favorite artists since his very first album What Do You Think About the Car? in 2017. He sings about life, identity, and social justice with a unique voice and mature perspective. You might recognize his most famous song “Brazil” (which he wrote when he was just 16!) from TikTok.

My favorite songs from him are “Why Do You Feel So Down,” “Emily,” and “Brazil.”

The Driver Era

The Driver Era is an alternative group made up of brothers Rocky and Ross Lynch. With a perfect mix of chill beats, great lyrics, and EDM-inspired bangers, they truly have something for everyone. 

My favorite songs from them are “Afterglow,” “San Francisco,” and “Nobody Knows.”

Maggie Rogers

I first heard of Maggie when a video of Pharrell praising her song “Alaska” went viral while she was just a college student at NYU. She has since been nominated for a Grammy and has released an incredible album. Her music is filled with beautiful, nature-inspired lyrics about love and finding yourself, and I can’t get enough. 

My favorite songs from her arer “Light On,” “Burning,” and “Love You For A Long Time.”


Wallows is an indie/alternative rock band from Los Angeles. Their debut album Nothing Happens is one of my all-time favorites. It plays like a coming of age movie, and each song tells a story. And yes, the lead singer is that guy from 13 Reasons Why, but don’t hold it against him.

My favorite songs by them are “Pleaser,” “Ice Cold Pool,” and “Remember When.”

Christian Leave

A famous Viner back in the day, Christian Leave got his musical start posting covers of popular songs online. He’s since grown a lot as an artist and has released several of his own songs on Spotify with tens of millions of streams. Not to mention, his voice is absolutely angelic.

My favorite songs from him are “Smaller,” “Please Notice,” and “Adult.”

Lennon Stella

Lennon is an extremely talented pop singer-songwriter. Her songs are catchy and fun, but she also has a certain vulnerability to her lyrics that sets her apart from others.

My favorite songs from her are “Bad,” “Kissing Other People,” and “Jealous.”

Happy listening! I hope you enjoy these artists as much as I do.

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