5 Ways to Prepare for the Cold Weather Ahead

As the semester comes to an end, we can expect to see temperatures drop from a high of 45 and low of 35 to barely reaching freezing if we’re lucky. Unfortunately, since Boston is used to cold weather and snow, we probably won’t see too many snow days this winter. So, as students, it is up to us to motivate ourselves and wake up for those 8 a.m. classes and finish out the semester walking to CAS in the snow. Here are a few tips to make the upcoming weather not seem so scary.

  1. 1. Set your alarm earlier.

    As the mornings get colder, it becomes more and more difficult to get out of bed. Don’t let the cold weather affect you making it to class on time! Set your alarm just 5-10 minutes earlier so you have that extra time to sink into your covers and soak up that last bit of comfort before getting up. By setting your alarm just a tiny bit earlier you save yourself the panic of spending too much time in bed in the morning and struggling to get ready in time. Instead, you can still have your nice leisurely morning while taking your time to get out of your comfy bed in the morning.

  2. 2. Layer up!

    Throughout the day, the weather can, and will, change. Don’t let yourself be fooled when you check the weather app in the morning and it says it will get up to 40 degrees. It will still be 20 for a good portion of the morning, which is too cold for just a t-shirt and a coat. Instead, wear a t-shirt and sweatshirt under your coat in the mornings, so you can acclimate to the changing weather throughout the day.

  3. 3. Stop for Starbucks.

    Taking the time in the mornings to grab a nice cup of coffee or a warm holiday drink can be a great way to keep your body and hands warm in the morning. Drinking the coffee immediately warms up the inside of your body while holding the drinks keeps your hands warm too! And not to mention, a nice holiday flavor in the morning is bound to get your mind off the depressing weather and get you excited for the fun season ahead!

  4. 4. Keep a hat and gloves in your bag.

    It is a very well known fact that your head releases the majority of your heat. Interestingly, your extremities (fingers and toes) receive very little circulation. By always having a hat and gloves handy, you’re practically ensuring that you cannot get cold! Actually, you will probably still get cold, but a hat and gloves will definitely go a long way towards keeping you warmer.

  5. 5. Go to sleep early!

    Seasonal depression is real! It gets dark early, you are stressed, you have to wake up earlier, and being outside is truly difficult. Don’t add tiredness to your stress and depression! Make sure you’re getting a full night of sleep so you have the energy to power yourself through the cold day. Give yourself energy for the cold days ahead!

All in all, although there isn’t much we can do to prevent cold weather from coming, we can do our best to make sure we are ready to tackle it. By giving yourself that extra wiggle room in the morning, dressing appropriately, getting a warm drink, keeping your extremities warm, and getting a full night of sleep you can ensure that your body and mind will be in the best possible condition to deal with the cold weather coming.

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