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5 Wardrobe Staples That Everyone Needs

While the first few weeks of being stuck at home had me totally embracing my sweats, I’m not going to lie––it got old real quick. Girl, I don’t know about you, but I like dressing up. It makes me feel confident and often gives the illusion that I have my life together (LOL). So, here are 5 wardrobe staples (other than a cute pair of sweatpants or two!) that you need to get your hands on!

A Solid White Shirt

Nothing screams versatility like a good ol’ solid, white shirt. It can be dressed up with some gold accents, simply by tying a knot rather than buttoning it down, or pairing it with a smart pair of trousers for a more formal look. It could also be dressed down by pairing it with a cute pair of shorts or wearing it as an oversized shirt swimsuit cover up during that vacation that you never got to go on last summer!

Flared Jeans

Is it just me or are skinny jeans actually just not that comfy anymore? Recently for me, it’s been all about feeling comfy but still looking presentable. A good pair of flared denim jeans seals the deal like nothing else. It looks effortlessly chic with a pair of heels or makes a perfect outfit for the day when paired with a top and some tan sliders.

Bermuda Shorts

Okay, I’ll admit I was totally skeptical of this one, but they honestly turned out to be one of the most loved clothing items in my closet so far. Like any good pair of jeans, these too can be effortlessly dressed up or down for your day while maximizing comfort! I usually pair mine with a cropped top or shirt or even an oversized graphic tee when I want that extra bit of comfort without looking like I just woke up from a nap.

Girl Hiking Fun Headband Ponytail Adventure Camp Original
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This one is an ode to Blair Waldorf (shout out to all the Gossip Girl fans reading this)! This accessory from the 90s has found a place in my closet (and heart). Like most of the items in this list, I feel like a cute knotted headband, embellished or not, can elevate your look so effortlessly! I love to wear it around the house when I don’t want my hair flying in my face or even when I’m visiting a friend and just want to look presentable. Trust me, this accessory––much like Blair Waldorf––will never disappoint!

Basic Solid-Colored Bodysuit

I don’t know what it is about them, but bodysuits look flattering on almost every body type, and they’re so comfy, too! You can make it look more formal with a blazer and a pair of trousers, or give it an edge by pairing it with some distressed denims––‘suit’ yourself!

I hope this helps you up your fashion game while staying comfy!

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My name is Anoushka. I am a Senior at Boston University, studying Journalism and Advertising. I am from Mumbai, India, the land of spices, culture, and colour. I love singing and basically anything that screams music. When I'm not writing or belting the notes to my favourite Adele song, I enjoy trying new foods (cooking and eating, of course), travelling around the globe, and looking for new ingredients to add to my superfood stash.
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