5 Spotify Playlist Ideas

If I’m procrastinating, you already know I’m working on making my Spotify aesthetic the best. I love working on new playlists and cover photos. I think that music is a great way to get to know someone, especially through their playlists.

Here are some Spotify playlist category ideas you may want to create or work on because just one playlist with all your favorite songs is not enough.

  1. 1. Genre

    man playing instrument

    I like to separate playlists based on genres and make it unique. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for rock, sometimes pop or indie; it all depends on my mood. I have mine separated by rock, pop, r&b, rap, folk, and funk.  

  2. 2. Driving Playlist

    Winter bus standing on the side of the road

    I have two playlists that I can just easily shuffle in on the car: one that’s parent-friendly and one that’s more explicit. These are the songs I don’t mind listening to all the time and can switch out every once in a while. Especially for long drives, these kinds of playlists are the best.

  3. 3. Musicals, Soundtracks, and Favorite Songs

    Three girls singing

    As a musical lover, I have several playlists dedicated to my favorite musicals and soundtracks, next my favorite songs to sing (especially while I’m home alone), the songs I want to cover, and songs I want to duet with friends. I also have playlists for songs I want to learn on the piano, guitar, and ukulele.

  4. 4. Mood

    Woman writing in book

    And of course, I have to separate playlists based on my mood. I have a playlist for when I’m feeling down and in my feels, one for when I want peace and quiet, one to fall asleep to, and an instrumental study playlists.

  5. 5. Family

    family on beach at sunset

    Last but not least, I have my all time ultimate favorites playlists that consists of over a thousand songs that I will always love and cherish. I also have playlists that my family enjoys, oldies that everyone loves, and party songs.

I absolutely love Spotify because everything is so personalized and perfectly curated! Try out these Spotify playlists to make yours feel more like home!

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