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The YouTube craze is alive and well, and that means there is endless access to entertaining and amazing content. These five ladies are major contributors to that content and I'm here to tell you about them so they can inspire you the way they've inspired me. With topics ranging from folding laundry (shoutout to Marie Kondo), dealing with body image issues, education, sexuality, to just sharing their stresses, these women are as inspiring and relatable as it gets on the internet. 


1. Lavendaire 

Photo credit: Lavendaire

I found this channel while looking for videos about how to fold your clothes the Marie Kondo way (which will change your life, to be honest). While she started out making videos about minimalism and cleaning, she has transformed into a channel about how to live your best life. Specifically, she focuses on how to foster creativity in every part of your life. The videos she makes about personal growth have been especially useful as I’ve entered my college career. My favorite videos are her “Artist of Life” interviews, where she talks with people in different creative careers about what fueled their passion for their crafts. You can find Lavendaire here


2. Studyign.

Photo credit: Studyign

This channel is going to teach you how to prioritize your education. While fashion and beauty videos are really fun and I love to watch them, I also love channels that talk about school and time management. Watching Sareena’s morning routines, planner videos, and stationery hauls makes me want to get my life together. Also, the pictures she posts of her notes and study setups on Instagram make me want to study and actually use my bullet journal. I’ve been watching this channel since I was a junior in high school, and honestly, her videos helped me a lot in managing my anxiety about going to college and school in general. You can find studyign here


3. Best Dressed.

Photo credit: bestdressedstore.com​

Ashley will brighten up your entire day whenever you watch her. She has the happiest, brightest personality and I love how open she is about her life, especially when talking about virginity and the ridiculous societal expectations around women’s sexuality. It’s also amazing to watch her “flip” thrifted clothing. This is when she starts with damaged or out of style secondhand clothes and uses her sewing skills to make them into gorgeous pieces that anyone would love to wear. Recently, she’s even gotten into flipping clothes to copy expensive and trendy brands, showing that you can look cute while doing good for the environment and your budget. You can find bestdressed here


4. Lucy Wood.

Photo credit: Lucy Wood

Lucy Wood is the beauty influencer we all need right now. She makes candid videos about her struggles with body positivity and shopping at a clothing size 14. Her reviews of different makeup and clothing brands are hilarious, and you can count on her for a truly honest review and try-on. As someone who is around her size myself, these videos are clutch. The video she made talking about how she has struggled to maintain a positive body image as her body has changed over the years was really powerful for me to watch as someone who goes through similar struggles. I wish she had been around when I was younger, and I know she’ll have a really positive influence on today’s teens. You can find Lucy Wood here


5. Tiffanyferg.

Photo credit: Tiffany Ferguson 

Tiffany is just a good all-around role model. I first came across her channel when she made a video about being rejected from every school she applied to when trying to transfer. I was struck by how honest she was about the situations and her emotions about it. I gained a lot of respect for her after this, knowing that I would never be able to talk about it if it happened to me. Seeing her journey, and how open she is about her feelings and struggles every step of the way, is truly inspiring and makes me feel like it’s okay to not be perfect all the time. Another aspect of her channel that I love are her Internet Analysis videos, where she looks at different trends and phenomena on social media and talks about their impacts on society and young people. So far, she’s analyzed everything from family vloggers to Facetune, and I’m excited to see what she talks about next. You can find Tiffanyferg here


Women on YouTube are doing a lot in terms of breaking down social stigmas surrounding women’s issues. They are funny, vulnerable, and will teach you to see from a new perspective. Happy Women’s Month!


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Katie is a freshman at BU majoring in Sociology. She is passionate about intersectionality, public health, and sitcoms, so please talk to her about those things. Katie is from Long Island, which means she drinks iced coffee all year round, uses frequent curse words, and hates Boston bagels.
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