5 Cute Instagrams You Need To Follow Right Now

If you’re like me, going from school to job to meeting to event to homework, even your down time can seem rushed and planned out. It can seem difficult to even take a moment out of your day to do something silly, but it’s important.

So here’s one of my de-stressers that I use when I’m on the T, sitting at home, or waiting for a meeting. Cute Instagrams. I know, it seems completely insane, but it works. Nothing breaks up a tough day like a corgi Instagram.

So without further delay:

1. @lokistagram

My number one pick. If you follow any, this has to be your number one. There’s nothing like seeing an adorable corgi in different Snapchat filters and costumes every day. He’s precious, has a hamster friend, and will always put a smile on your face.


2. @laurenconrad


A blast of pink to brighten any day. From cute DIY crafts, to pictures of flowers, fancy drinks, and fun foods, her Instagram is full of joy and bright colors. It’s gorgeous, inspirational, and will definitely up your Instagram feed.


3. @corgi_nation

Another corgi Instagram that is well worth the follow. It’s basically a bunch of adorable corgis in costumes of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. It accepts all corgis for what they are: stubby and adorable.


4. @marthastewart

A daily dose of all things precious. She makes homemade treats, takes pictures of stunning home decor, and makes it all look classy and fabulous. There’s no daily pick me up like seeing some delicious cronuts or some perfectly set out dinner wear.


5. @kitchenandkraft

Last but not least, we have this local Instagram beauty. She makes the most Instagram friendly smoothie bowls I’ve ever seen, but also puts together a variety of crafts--from so cute pillows to tiny plant holders. It’s absolutely your daily dose of cute that you need to get you through the day. Plus, she’s located in Boston so you’re supporting a girl close to home!


These are my Instagram favorites that I can’t go through my days without. Take a moment to check them out and see what you think!