5 Bag Essentials for the Cold Weather

The weather outside is frightful: chapped lips, dry skin, and noses that run marathons. With cold weather biting at us with frosty fangs, preparation is key to turn weather fear into holiday cheer. 

Here are five cold weather bag essentials that will help keep your cool without freezing you to death.


  1. 1. Lotion 

    Many underestimate the power of moisturizing. While the skincare gurus have taught us all how to incorporate moisturizing into our skincare routines, we tend to stop at our faces and necks. Your hands need love too! Keeping a little lotion in your bag will keep you moisturized on the go. Use after washing hands to keep soft when the weather is harsh. I recommend Lubriderm or Cetaphil.

  2. 2. Reusable mug

    So, I may or may not have indulged in a peppermint mocha from Starbucks just for the reusable holiday cup (I plead the fifth). Reusable mugs are not only trendy, but also extremely functional. It is best to find one that keeps beverages hot for the few hours you are in class or work. Hot beverages help with sore throats and warm you up for the day ahead. I found this reusable mug on Amazon.

  3. 3. Gloves

    Think of gloves like sweaters for your hands. There is nothing worse than trying to text or write when your hands are stiff as ice cubes. The exposure to cold temperatures can also dry out your skin. I recommend these touchscreen gloves, so you can keep scrolling through Instagram without pain.

  4. 4. Tissues

    OMG, if there is an essential you need, it’s tissues. Not only do they help keep your face nice and clean, but they also help keep your nose moisturized from constant wiping. I like these lotion infused tissues from Puffs.

  5. 5. Beanie/Pom Hat

    Heat may not actually leave from your head, but a beanie sure helps to keep you warm. The worst feeling is when the cold pinches the tips of your ears as you walk to class. Beanies/pom hats are functional and fashionable. I mean, just look at how Emma Chamberlain makes a beanie look like the focal point of the outfit. Amazon has a wide selection of cute hats for reasonable prices like this one

Pack your bag, put on your armor (aka bubble jacket), and break the ice this winter.


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