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5 Apps Every College Student Should Have on Their Phone

Nowadays there’s an app for everything. Thankfully for us college students, there are now apps that will facilitate the college experience. From finding the best concerts to booking a cheap hotel just hours before checking in, these apps are bound to make your life so much easier (and so much more entertaining): 


With this app you’ll find all the upcoming EDM concerts near you. You can easily favorite the events that pique your interest and then buy tickets directly on the app. On top of all that, it also lets you listen to samples of the artists’ music if you don’t know them. This is definitely a train, or app, you’re going to want to get on.


For all nature lovers, this is a must-have app. Find the perfect hike, bike ride, or trail by filtering your preferences. You can pick trails based on a variety of preferences, including how close they are to your location, their difficulty, or how great their views are. Once you choose the trail that’s right for you, the app turns into a GPS tracker and follows your trail so you don’t get lost. You can then share it, including the distance you went and the trail’s elevation, with friends and family!


Say hello to your new gym partner. ClassPass is a monthly service that lets you join fitness classes near you for half of the traditional cost. Most of the classes are only $15 or less per class! Instead of sticking to one gym, you can jump around between studios and activities and work different parts of the body. Just like Yelp, you can read reviews and ratings from other ClassPassers in order to know how the classes are.


Save on brands you love, just because you’re a student. UniDAYS is an app full of discount codes exclusively for students. They offer discounts on popular brands including Apple, H&M, ASOS, Adidas, Grubhub, and more. All these discounts are free… all you need to do is click download.

Hotel Tonight 

Ever want to get away for the weekend, but don’t have the money to stay in lavish hotels? Hotel Tonight has you covered. Find quality hotels all around the Americas, Europe, and Australia at a fraction of their regular price. Since the booking is so last minute, the app offers deep discounts on regular hotel rates. I used them just last weekend when I spontaneously decided to go to New York City, and the process couldn’t have been easier!

Most of us are always carrying our phones, so why not fill them up with applications that will make our lives easier. If we choose to use it right, technology can work wonders for us. In order to do well in college, you need to manage your time right. By using apps like these, that help you save time and money, you’ll end up having more time to enjoy your experience!

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