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4 Reasons to Resist the Urge to Go Tanning This Spring

OMG, guys! We’re slowly but surely approaching the First Day of Spring—March 20th! Once we hit this desired day, I predict that campus will be filled with brighter colors, lighter jackets, and outdoor activities! But let’s be real here, we live in Boston where it probably won’t hit 60 degrees until April.

It’s certainly exciting to get in the spirit of spring, and I know I will definitely be wearing my brighter t-shirts, even if I have to keep my cardigan on the entire day. There is one thing, though, that worries me about BU students getting spring fever, which is tanning. Being tan is totally something that most of us aspire to be, and I’ll admit I LOVE a sun-kissed glow. It gives me confidence, makes me feel skinnier, and just makes me happy. I’ve had a handful of experiences in the tanning bed, mainly in preparation for high school proms. As much as I loved the way I looked after my sessions, I always felt like a terrible person afterward. It’s seriously THE WORST thing that you can do to your skin. I haven’t been in the tanning bed for a few years now, and I’m not planning on doing it again.


I’m not going to get into any statistics or anything on how bad tanning is for you because I’m sure you all know them. It’s guaranteed that all of the magazines will soon have scary headlines such as, “Skin cancer nightmare,” plastered all over them in time for the warm season ahead. But, I’m just going to give you some reasons to resist the urge to jump in the tanning bed this spring:

1. You’re giving up good laundry quarters!

Let’s be real—we’re all constantly complaining about running out of money for laundry, and if you’re spending your precious coins on tanning… well, that’s just sad. Tanning seems cheap at first, but it adds up!

2. You can achieve the same look through self-tanning.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “I hate that $h!t, it turns my hands orange, and smells bad.” And, yes, this is true for certain products. You just need to find the right one for you! I recommend anything from the Victoria’s Secret body care line, which isn’t too pricy. If you’re willing to spend the extra bucks, definitely splurge on St. Tropez products. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Tanning beds are really germy

If you think about it (which I’m sure you have before,) tanning beds are such an easy way to spread viruses—anything from the common cold to herpes. A lot of people tan nude and probably don’t wipe them down after. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

4. Wrinkles 

Everyone wants to maintain a youthful look throughout life. Tanning beds, guaranteed, will age you. Although I’m sure there will be some kind of crazy skin care invention someday that will assist in the process of de-aging, it’s good to take action now. No one wants to be that person with the leathery skin.

I hope these four reasons are enough to encourage you to stay away from the tanning beds this spring. Your skin will truly thank you!

Happy almost spring, Collegiettes! HCXO. 


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