The 3 Things I’ve Read in Quarantine That You Should Too

Over the past few weeks, I’ve rediscovered my love and passion for reading. From short stories and books to creative articles, I’ve loved taking time out of my day to be consumed by someone else’s thoughts or opinions. Since I’ve been doing this pretty regularly, I’ve found three great pieces of writing that I think a lot of us can benefit from right now. 

  1. turned off gray CRT TV on table

    TV nerds, this one’s for you! Vulture asked 37 television creators, writers, and showrunners how they would create an episode based on the COVID-19 pandemic. The article included everything from 30 Rock character breakdowns to how Jane the Virgin’s Rogelio would handle social distancing. It took away the confusion and frustration that this situation has caused, replacing it with the comfort and familiarity that television always brings us. Fingers crossed Parks and Recreation returns just for one day so we can see the COVID episode play out.

  2. As a college student living in the time of corona, chances are you’ve been through quite a lot of changes, including social and physical displacement. Being one of those said college students, I’ve found the idea of this sudden change most difficult because it happened during a time when I thought I had things figured out. This Abbi Jacobson read, however, has brought me comfort in that I not only accept the changes but go in search of them just like Jacobson does during her epic cross-country road trip. Plus, it’s filled with short essays, which are great for reading whenever you want. 

  3. Okay, here me out on this one: I find that turning to the YA books that brought me comfort when I was younger calms me down a lot quite a bit during these trying times. One super specific example is this Sarah Dessen read. When I reread for the first in around ten years, I felt just as soothed as I did when I discovered it. If no new read is making you feel safe and secure, I highly recommend turning to your old favorites.

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