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10 Types of Girls You See at FitRec

FitRec is either your best friend or your worst enemy. Most of the time it’s your worst enemy but nothing makes 30 minutes on the elliptical go by faster than watching people perfect their Snapchat face on the ab mats or struggle with weights that are way too heavy for them. BU is a very diverse place and FitRec is no exception which makes it one of the best locations for people watching.

Here are the ten types of girls you’ve seen at the gym and let’s be honest, you’re probably one of them.

1. The Hardo

No explanation needed. Easy tiger!!!!

2. The Complainer

“Ugh the gym,” “why am I here,” and “I can’t do this,” are among her most common phrases.

3. The Brand Ambassador

She is always decked out in Lululemon or Nike because she’s athletic.

4. The Yoga Girl 

How is it even humanly possible to bend like that?

5. The Workout Besties

They are never alone, follow the same workout routine, and enjoy a smoothie together after.

6. The Girl Jammin’ Out

Do you girl, do you.

7. The Workout Couple

Seriously, just no.

8. The Girl Taking Selfies

#fitness #health #progress #nofilter

9. The Socialite

Her cardio includes walking from machine to machine talking to different people and never actually working out.

10. The Multitasker

She is somehow managing to run, highlight her Chem textbook, edit her WR150 paper, and listen to music all at the same time.

See you at gym, colleigettes! 


Brianne is a junior at BU where she is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in going out Monday-Sunday. She refers to Vogue as her bible, is addicted to instagram and the Real Housewives, and considers mimosas to be a food group. 
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