10 Things You Brought to School This Year That You Never Used

We’ve all been there; it’s the summer before your freshman year of college and you’re just so excited that you spend all summer buying and packing things for your dorm room... and in hindsight, you probably packed way too much. Here are ten things you packed for college this year that you definitely didn’t need to.


1. Iron/Ironing Board

Even though you’ve hardly ever ironed anything else in your life, you definitely needed to bring your trusty iron to school... but then you never used it once. Come to think of it, you probably don’t even remember which corner of your dorm room it’s packed away in.


2. Those Stiletto Heels

Okay, maybe you tried to make these shoes work once or twice, but five minutes into the party you’re already tossing them off and putting back on those comfy flats. It’s best to just accept defeat now and leave the heels at home.


3. An Entire Drawer of Sweatshirts

You can’t remember why you needed to pack eight separate hoodies for school, only that it was really important at the time that you did. Maybe next year you’ll finally realize you only ever wear that one favorite sweatshirt anyways.


4. Broom and Duster

Let’s be real, you knew you were never going to need these going into this year. And you were right.


5. Stationery

You and your friends totally promised to write each other as often as you could, and you figured this could be a great way to stay in touch with family as well. But then you remembered you had a cell phone, and suddenly letters seemed more like a hassle than a great idea.


6. Fabric Softener

To be honest, you still don’t really know the whole purpose of fabric softener or whether or not it’s actually necessary. Good thing you’ll never have to find out since you still haven’t bothered lugging the bottle down to the laundry room.


7. School Supplies

Yes, pens and notebooks are essential items in college. However, you definitely didn’t need to buy the colored pencils, the ruler, the set of 24 gel pen colors, or that fourth roll of scotch tape.


8. First Aid Kit

In theory bringing a first aid kit sounds like a practical idea, but I doubt there will actually be a time where you need rolls of gauze and medical tape to heal those frightful paper cuts. Just throw a few band-aids and Neosporin in your bag and call it a day next year.


9. Dishes and Cutlery Sets

For some reason, you really thought you were going to be a gourmet chef in your dorm room. But in reality the dishes you brought never get used because you probably just stole some from the dining hall when you wanted that cereal or pizza to go last month.


10. Every Piece of Jewelry You Own

I know it felt like a crime to leave some of that adorable or expensive jewelry you own behind, but if you didn’t wear it in high school you probably won’t wear it in college either. Best to just leave it at home where it’s safe, and will still get just as much use.


Packing for a new year may be exciting, but let's just try to go light next year.