10 Things Everyone Hears When They Go Home for Break

Going home for break is very exciting. Home cooked meals, friends, family, and a sense a familiarity are abundant. I really enjoy escaping from the busy city of Boston to my hometown of Bedminster, New Jersey. However, at times, the conversation can get a bit monotonous. Here is a list of 10 things everyone hears when they go back home for break.


1. “How’s school?”

I’ve hated this question since elementary school. How can I express my overwhelming anxiety and frustration without seeming crazy? I give up trying to explain and just respond with “it’s good.”


2. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

This has to be my mother's favorite question.


3. “Did you miss us?”

Of course, I missed you guys! Coming home allows me the opportunity to spend time with everyone I missed.


4. “Did you gain weight?”

I sure hope not. But with the all you can eat ice cream in the dining hall and Domino's delivery service at your fingertips, it is hard to resist.


5. “Have you decided on a major yet?”

The answer is still “I don’t know.”


6. “Do you have homework to do?”

I always have homework, but I totally want to just forget about that for a weekend.


7. "Who did you miss the most?"

If pizza were a person, I would miss him the most.


8. “Do you like school?”

I like the environment just not all the work.


9. “How is your roommate?”



10.  “When is your next break?”

In a few weeks!


I hope everyone can relate to this list. I just got back from break, but I literally can’t wait to go back home. See you soon, New Jersey!


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