10 Boston University Situations as Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift is one of the most long-lasting, versatile artists of our generation. Yes, most people might only associate her with love and breakup songs, but her lyrical range is so much grander. When I’m having a bad day, I put in my headphones and turn on some old-school Taylor Swift. When I’m soaring down Comm. Ave, I put on her pop anthems. And, when I’m having boy problems, I listen to her tear-jerkers. Taylor Swift is basically my therapist. She has a song for every occasion, and if you’ve never personally connected with her songs before, now you, as a Boston University student, definitely will.

  1. 1. When you pass your FYSOP friends on the way to class: "I Forgot That You Existed"

    Before you officially attend BU, FYSOP is a great way to meet some of your fellow students. For those few days, you share your deepest, darkest secrets and make meaningful relationships… but like I said, only for those few days. You could be waiting at the intersection in front of Target to cross the road, see your FYSOP buddy out of the corner eye, and just walk right past them. 

  2. 2. When they ask you to name a brother: Hey Stephen

    Most of the time, as a girl, you’re bound to get into any frat party—if you show up at the right time, with enough cleavage. Come too early, they’ll tell you to take a lap around the block. Come too late, they’ll tell you they’re at capacity. However, if you know a brother, you’re golden, but they will ask you for their name—first and last. But as a clueless freshman, who can’t even tell the difference between the dingy, rat-infested houses of Allston, let alone, “name a brother”, you try and conjure up a name generic enough to get you through the door. Brandon? Michael? Stephen? – definitely Stephen.

  3. 3. When you’re on the elliptical and make eye contact with the guy powerlifting at Fit Rec through the mirror: Enchanted

    The lyrics give a perfect play-by-play of this little meet-cute:

    “Your eyes whispered "have we met?" Across the room your silhouette starts to make it's way to me The playful conversation starts Counter all your quick remarks, like passing notes in secrecy And it was enchanting to meet you All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you”

    Except he didn’t walk over and y’all didn’t meet. You made uncomfortable eye contact for one second too long while sweat fell down your forehead before you darted your eyes back to the soap opera playing on the TV screen above you. Sigh. The one that got away.

  4. 4. When you see your teacher outside of class: Haunted

    For some reason, in our minds, teachers don’t exist outside of the classroom. So, when we see them, it is indeed haunting. Just avoid eye contact and go.   

  5. 5. When sorority girls post on their Instagram during Big/Little week: You Need to Calm Down

    Big/Little week is one of the most exciting and hectic times of the semester. You get your room decorated and receive baskets full of your favorite goodies as you try to decipher who your “big” is. Is it blonde Lindsey? Brunette Lindsey? Or is it their friend who has no discernible qualities or personality? So many options. But obviously, none of this is actually happening if it isn’t documented on social media, right? Some girls’ feeds can get a little sorority crazy this week, and rightfully so. But please don’t hijack our Instagram feeds for too long, you’ll find out who your biggie is soon enough.

  6. 6. Getting all excited to come back for spring semester, then arriving and realizing it’s still shit: Back to December

    After being at home for over a month, you must be dying to come back to school. No more parents telling you what to do. No more mindless hours just holed up in your childhood bedroom. Everyone is always so optimistic at the beginning of the semester because they forgot what it was like to actually be back at school. Give it two weeks tops, then you’ll be begging for it to go back to December—the start of winter break.

  7. 7. When you forget your ID upstairs, but the nice security guard is working and he lets you go up: King of My Heart

    Shout out to Jeff*. (*name changed for anonymity purposes)

  8. 8. Filling out course evals at the end of the semester: Better Than Revenge

    Ever had the strictest teacher or TA who never taught you anything, but still blamed you for the bad grades? Well, the end-of-semester course evaluations are your time to let it all out. They may try to butter you up with treats or a warning that this could possibly get them fired. But the power is in your hands now. It truly is better than revenge.

  9. 9. Every meal served at the Warren Towers dining hall: Sad, Beautiful, Tragic

    After a while, dining hall food just doesn’t cut it anymore. But there’s something special about the Warren Towers dining hall that makes it even more unappetizing. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s located on the fourth floor in a cinderblock prison, or maybe they just don’t give enough of a shit. Take note of this hamburger on a hot dog bun (pictured above). It’s sad and tragic, but still somehow beautiful.

  10. 10. When you come back from summer vacation and realize that they got rid of Jamba Juice and Rhett’s West: Everything Has Changed

    Why fix what wasn’t broken? To everyone’s shock and dismay, upon returning in the fall semester, our beloved Jamba Juice and Rhett’s West had been replaced with, respectively, Healthy Blends and Late Night – both of which are not nearly as good as their predecessors. We’re already trying to adjust being back to school, why take away our beloved Mango-A-Go-Go?

Are you happy, free, or confused? As niche as some of these situations are, hopefully you related to even one of them, or just got a kick out of it. But, see, there really is a Taylor Swift song for everything. So, stream Lover (and all of her other albums) on Spotify and iTunes.

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