Bryn Mawr Favorites: Favorite Bryn Mawr Traditions

One of the things that makes Bryn Mawr so special are its traditions! Each tradition is super meaningful and helps bring the campus community closer together.


This week, we asked our writers to share some of their “Bryn Mawr Favorites.” It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t ask them their favorite traditions to celebrate, so here are their responses!


Titi Bekele, Class of 2021

MAYHWEIFD because it makes me feel welcomed.


Avery Matteo, Class of 2022

WTF Week. It allows you to build friendships with upperclassmen, breaks up the monotony of a typical school week and prompts you to step out of your comfort zone in all the best ways.


Christine Huang, Class of 2020

May Day. Strawberries and cream are delicious, and the whole atmosphere is really nice. I associate it with the end of classes; it’s also a chill day to hang out with your friends.


Madison Cassidy, Class of 2019

I like the May Hole part of May Day, because when you're doing it there's a sense of camaraderie between the community. And it's fun!


Celine Chen, Class of 2019

May Day! I like that it's an excuse for everyone to dress up, take a break from studying and have fun with friends. The whole day feels like a giant festival/party and it's such a great way to end the academic year.