Are You Using The Right Amount Of...

The other night, I was applying a new nightly face cream for the first time and ended up with way too much product left over. This got me wondering about all of the other health and beauty products in my life. Have I been using enough—or too much—of these products?

On the packaging of some products, there are instructions for proper use, but have you ever read them? I sure haven’t. I did some research on the correct amount of common health and beauty products so you don’t have to. Get ready to change your personal care routine for good!

Toothpaste: A pea-sized amount of toothpaste will do the trick

Cleanser: The size of one cranberry

Serum: The size of a pea

Toner: Apply enough product to dampen a cotton pad or ball.

Moisturizer: The size of an almond.

Sunscreen: The size of a grape.

Shampoo: The size of a cherry tomato for fine hair and a walnut for thick or dirty locks.

Conditioner: The size of a quarter for fine hair or of a golf ball for thicker hair. Those with longer hair can probably get away with using a little more hair product.