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7 Restaurants Bryn Mawr Students Love

Bryn Mawr and Philly have wonderful restaurants, but it can be a little overwhelming to choose where to order food from when there are so many options. Whether ordering delivery or planning for post-pandemic in-person dining, these restaurants are favorites among Bryn Mawr students. 


Tiffin is a breeze to order, and the delicious food makes it even better. Located half a mile from campus, Tiffin is easily walkable but also has free delivery. Multiple restaurant locations across the region solidify Tiffin as the go-to Indian restaurant for Bryn Mawr students. “I love the Vegetable Kadai,” a senior says. “It’s full of all my favorite veggies in a nice light curry sauce.” Many of my friends swear by the Tiffin mango lassi, saying that it’s the perfect refreshment.

El Limon

El Limon is another staple restaurant for Bryn Mawr students, with multiple locations across the area just like Tiffin (they’re close to each other in downtown too!). The Mexican food served at El Limon is top tier, with each ingredient’s flavor profile coming through in different ways in each dish. I love the meat quesadillas; my best friend swears by the enchiladas; a coworker loves the tacos. The extensive menu will keep me busy trying all the different combinations of meat, cheese, and fillings available.

The Juice Pod

Delicious, fresh and conveniently located, The Juice Pod is another restaurant a quick walk away on Lancaster Avenue. Their smoothie bowls are a perfect size and have uniquely layered flavors. The expansive menu means there’s something for everyone to order when visiting, and the excellent customer service and friendly staff keep students coming back. My favorite smoothie bowl is the original acai bowl - it has all of my favorite fruits and a phenomenally consistent flavor.

Bam Bam Kitchen

This Korean restaurant’s dishes range from wings to dumplings to bibimbap. There’s no variance in deliciousness, though - “I really like Bam Bam Kitchen. Everything is so flavorful, and the portion sizes are wonderful,” one sophomore explained. From twists on classics to original dishes, the Bam Bam Kitchen menu makes mouths water just from looking at it. 


While many may consider Winger’s more of a Villanova staple, Bryn Mawr students are also big fans. “Delivery times are quick, and food quality is always excellent,” a senior says. “I like to get the 6-piece boneless wings platter, and there are a ton of sauces with different spice levels to choose [from]. Their fries are phenomenal.” I can also attest to the quality of Winger’s fries - there are numerous specialty fries, like Cajun Fries or Bacon Ranch Fries, which make Winger’s notable.


Ardmore’s Maido is a unique shopping experience - the store not only has desk supplies and gifts but a Japanese kitchen in-house. Previously, students could shop and stop for lunch or dinner, enjoying the ambiance and authentic food. Delivery is still open, though, and with dishes like salads, rice bowls, and curry, the menu is a dream for anyone hoping to find genuine Japanese cuisine in the area. 

Xolo Taco

This place is a dream for people with dietary restrictions. Xolo Tacos describes its menu as being “95% gluten-free” with many vegetarian and vegan options, meaning that the kitchen can easily swap ingredients to meet each diner’s needs. There’s no shortage of delicious flavor, either, and the location is a quick walk from the west edge of Bryn Mawr’s campus, making it a great pit stop for dinner.

Grace Curtin

Bryn Mawr '24

Grace is a political science major from Northern Virginia. When not studying, she enjoys bullet journaling, reading, and yoga. She can frequently be found cheering on the Philadelphia Flyers or yelling at the TV while watching "The Bachelor."
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