3 Ways to Cope with Being Back at School

Winter break is officially over, and classes have started up again for the spring semester here at Bryn Mawr. For everyone here, that mean's it's time to hit the books once again. Somehow, even though we all had nearly a month of break, I know plenty of people (including myself) are ready for another vacation! Here are just a few ways to take a break from the beginning-of-the-semester stress and chaos:

Take Creative Breaks

When we become too weighed down by schoolwork, class planning, jobs and extracurriculars, it's always beneficial to take some time to be creative. Whether you draw, take photos, sing or dance, make sure you always leave at least one spot in your weekly schedule to flex your creativity.

Make Weekend Plans

There's nothing more motivating than having things to look forward to when our work is done. Whenever you can, make plans for your day off--whether it's spending the day relaxing in bed or going out with your friends, make sure you have something exciting to work towards!

Start Binge-Watching a New Show

What better way is there to escape the stress of real life than by immersing ourselves in a fictional world? Open up Netflix and find a show, movie or even documentary to spend a few hours focusing on instead of the real world mania.