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3 Tips for Your Internship Search

2018 is here, which means summer is nearly upon us! Although summer is time to relax and enjoy the warm weather, many college students must face the process of searching for summer internships and opportunities. Here are some tips to help with the process if you haven’t started your search yet:

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1. Organization is always key when applying to internships and summer opportunities, and I can’t stress that enough! I personally like to keep an Excel spreadsheet with all of my company application and login info. I also attach links to job descriptions and other resources that can easily be accessed within the spreadsheet. You can also take note of application status and other important dates on the spreadsheet.

2. Be sure to prepare for interviews and preliminary tests for potential positions. Several websites and resources are out there to help search for possible interview questions and practice questions for things such as technical interviews. You can also prep with a friend. Another thing I personally find helpful is taking video recordings of myself answering interview questions, and watching them to remember important points/things to improve upon.

3. Remember to stay confident throughout the process! Rejections should never discourage you, and sometimes it takes several rejections to finally get that one acceptance. Good luck to everyone!

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