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3 Easy Recipes to Make in Your Dorm

Since three of my classes are fully online this semester, I spend the majority of my time cooped up in Erdman. This has resulted in some pretty serious cabin fever, and I’ve been trying out everything to alleviate my restlessness. From playing on my Nintendo Switch to filling in coloring books on slow evenings, I try to occupy my mind — and my free time — with fun activities as much as possible.

And recently, when a friend told me about the mug cakes she’s been making with crushed oreos and half & half containers from the dining hall, I realized that seeking out some simple recipes to make in my dorm room is another great way to stay occupied.

While I haven’t gotten a chance to test some of these out yet, here are some easy recipes that I hope you all feel encouraged to try as well!

Egg and Vegetable Breakfast Sandwich

Don’t get me wrong, Bryn Mawr brunches are incredible, but sometimes I find myself craving something different. I recently found a solution to my problem with a recipe on FoodieCrush for an egg and vegetable breakfast sandwich that seems easy enough to replicate.

My plan this weekend is to go to the dining hall, pick up a bagel, ask for a healthy helping of eggs from the hot line, and grab some cheese and veggies that I’ve been storing in my mini fridge. I’ll then toast the bagel, put all of the contents I’ve collected onto the bagel, and microwave it for a few seconds. While I typically opt to add mayonnaise to my breakfast sandwiches, I’m sure a few packets of hot sauce would add a needed boost of flavor as well.


I’ve been indulging in Instacart orders with my favorite fruits since arriving at school, and after discovering that portable blenders are sold on Amazon for as low as 20 dollars, I’m probably going to make the investment. On mornings when I don’t feel like going to the dining hall for breakfast or lunch, I’d like the option of making smoothies with plentiful fruit, yogurt, and/or milk to keep me fueled throughout the day.

Oreo Mug Cake

The aforementioned oreo mug cake is one of the recipes I’ve already tested myself. My friend suggested that I crush up four oreos into a powder and pour in half & half cups until the mixture becomes the texture of batter. However, I chose to use 2% milk as an alternative, and put my mug in the microwave for about 30 seconds. It worked — and I was overjoyed that the simple recipe had a moist, authentic cake-like consistency. Whipped cream is also a tasty final touch if you have access to it!

Avery Matteo

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Avery Matteo is a junior at Bryn Mawr College from Charlottesville, Virginia. Her interests include reading, traveling, and sleeping during every available moment. In her free time, she is either listening to podcasts, indie music, or sprinkling Disney Parks facts on her unsuspecting friends. She can be found as @memeteo on Instagram.
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