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Why Coconut Oil is Your New Best Friend

Collegiates! If you haven’t integrated coconut oil into your health routine, you definitely need to start! Coconut oil is being called a superfood because of all the benefits it has on your body. Not only is coconut oil a great food, but also a great addition to your beauty regimen. Check out these uses of coconut oil you can use in your daily life.

·        Use as a dairy free replacement for butter or vegetable oils in baking and cooking.

·        Apply to your skin as a basic lotion for all over your body. It is also known to lighten skin spots, as well as prevent wrinkles and skin sagging.

·        Use as a gentle eye-makeup remover.

·        Mix with sugar and use as a body scrub in the shower.

·        Apply to lips for a natural lip balm.

·        Helps skin heal after injury or infection, such as ear infections or eczema.

·        Use as a natural conditioner or even an intensive hair mask. Rub coconut oil into dry hair and scalp, then put on a shower cap and leave up to several hours. Coconut oil can help your hair grow healthy, stay shiny and frizz-free, as well as keep your scalp moisturized!

·        Coconut oil can also be used as a hair serum. Use a pea sized amount and warm in your hands before applying it to the bottom half of your hair.

·        Eating coconut oil in foods or drinks – such as coconut clusters or smoothies– or even eating it plain is shown to have numerous benefits for your health. Ingesting coconut oil regularly can help you burn more fat by increasing your metabolism, kill bacteria and viruses (drinking tea to help colds and sore throats), curb your hunger, improve cholesterol levels, improve the moisture levels of your skin, boost brain function, regulate digestion, improve your immune system, and increase your energy levels. Basically, you should be eating coconut oil daily and there are plenty of yummy recipes to try out!

·        Helps heal a sunburn or rashes.

·        Use as a natural bug spray (when mixed with tea tree oil) and as a bug bite soother.

·        Remove gum from carpet or hair.

·        Clean your makeup brushes by melting some oil in a glass and dipping the brush into the liquid. Then, gently swirl the brush onto a paper towel or cloth until the color is gone. Lastly, rinse under warm water and dry. There may be residue which softens the bristles but you can remove it with mild soap and water.

·        Add to your bath to moisturize your skin.

·        Use as shaving cream or after shave lotion.

·        Replace your facial moisturizer with coconut oil! It is replenishing and hydrating, and can help heal acne due to coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory properties.

·        Use as a massage oil or personal lubricant. You can even mix aromatherapy oil into the coconut oil to make a scented oil.

·        Make homemade beauty products, such as soaps, facial masks, mascara, and even toothpaste (coconut oil kills bacteria in the mouth).

·        Use as a tanning oil or a light SPF.

·        Apply to nail cuticles to help nails grow.

·        Use as a part of an oil cleansing regimen for your skin.

·        Add to your coffee as a sweet coffee creamer.

·        Replace your deodorant with coconut oil for a natural alternative!

·        Use a small amount of coconut oil as a leather or wood polish.


Picture Credit: http://coconutoil.com/coconut-oil-alzheimers/

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