Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game


Tis the season ladies: it’s VS Fashion show season. This year the star studded event was held in Paris for the first time ever. Soon enough the mere mortals like us will get to view the fashion show (airing Dec. 5th at 10pm on CBS) and for that, we will need drinks- plenty of drinks. As you watch along with all your friends, try out this fun drinking game for the maximum fashion show fun!

Take a drink:

-when someone blows a kiss to the camera

-when you wish that you yourself were a model

-every time an angel comes out with wings on

-when someone winks at the camera

-when you see your favorite look

-if a model talks about how normal she is and how she is just like you (even though her life is far from normal or anything like yours. Lol. She’s in Paris on a runway and you’re on your couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a drink in your hand).

Take two drinks:

-if Lady Gaga wears a weird outfit

-when Abel from The Weeknd and Bella Hadid have a cute relationship moment

-when an angel talks about how much she loves pizza/junk food

-when your favorite Lady Gaga song comes on

-every time dieting comes across your mind (girl eat those french fries…trust me, you look great the way you are!)

Take a shot:

-for the ‘Million Dollar’ bra

-if the musical guest gets hit with a wing

-when they show a hot angel husband in the crowd cheering on his lady (Adam Levine- we’ll miss you!)

-if an angel trips during her walk

Finish your drink if:

-an angel completely falls while on the runway

-at the end of the show because you managed to get all the way through it!


*Her Campus Bryant reminds everyone to please drink responsibly!*