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What girl doesn’t love getting her nails done?

Whether you’re a religious nail salon goer or a gal who likes to treat herself to a nice mani-pedi every once in a while, we all understand the need for a great nail salon nearby! 

It can be hard to leave your favorite nail technicians back at home and not know where to go when you get to school. We found ourselves reading every Yelp and Google review trying to find a nail salon with high ratings, affordable prices, and most importantly, a reputation for cleanliness!

So Bryant ladies, if you’re looking for the best nail salons near us, Her Campus Bryant has got you covered.

Check out some of our personal favorite places below:



OPJ Nails Salon

If you’re looking for a friendly and professional staff who knows their stuff, OPJ is the place to be. They’re pros with both acrylics and dip, and offer a massive color selection of all polishes and dip powders. The staff is so sweet and will make you feel like you are being pampered every time you walk in. If you’re looking for a spa-like experience with affordable prices, definitely check out OPJ Nails!


Georgia Nails

Georgia Nails is a hidden gem in our opinion! Although the salon is on the smaller side, we love their fast service, friendly staff, and of course, the way our nails look when we leave! They do a great job on manicures, pedicures, and acrylics here. If you’re into nail art and fun designs, the technicians here are pros. We highly recommend checking this affordable nail salon out!


Bonsai Nails

Bonsai Nails is another Bryant favorite! We love their manicures – especially gel! – and a wide variety of colors. The nail technicians here are awesome and love to get feedback from their customers on how they can improve their experience. They’re located right on George Washington Highway, so next time you’re doing your weekly Target run be sure to stop in and make an appointment!


Honey Nails & Spa

This recommendation might be a lil’ controversial, but hear us out: Honey is not our favorite for acrylics or gel, but we LOVE them for dip nails! Their color selection is great, the prices are fair, and the technicians work fast. If you’re a dip manicure lover, definitely check out Honey!


Nu Nu Nails

Nu Nu is another awesome nail salon super close to campus! They do an excellent job of acrylics, gel, and other manicures, but what people really rave about are their pedicures! Their main technician, Nu, is a certified master pedicurist and as you can only imagine, her pedis are unmatched. It might be the middle of the fall, but these pedicures are worth getting even after the sandal season is over!

We hope that you check out some of our favorite nail salons in the area next time you need some “you-time” off-campus, some bonding time with your girls, or a way to relax after a stressful week!




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