Top 10 Reasons We Love Being in a Sorority

Next to my friends, family, health, and education, I am also grateful for my sorority and the Panhellenic Community. Being in a sorority here at Bryant has given me a home away from home and has helped me find the sisters I wish I had growing up (problems of being an only child). Here are the top 10 reasons why I love being part of a sorority and am proud to be a Greek woman.

1. Having an endless supply of business clothes #BusinessSchoolProblems #BryantProblems

2. Someone is always hungry at the same time you are - You can always count on someone to reply within seconds to your group message asking if anyone wants to grab late night Ronzios or a meal swipe at Nick’s

3. Late night study buddy - You always have someone to keep you motivated when you’ve already been in the library for hours and feel like giving up. Your sorority has helped you keep on top of your stressful work load. You can always take full advantage of the Greek Life Tutoring System and ask for help from your older sisters.

4. Grateful for the numerous times they have stayed in on the weekends and just watched movies - because the best kind of bonding involves Nicholas Sparks movies.  

5. Having a support system when things get rough - Being in a sisterhood means that you will always have a group of girls that would drop everything when you need their help the most. They’ll hold your hand, let you cry on your shoulder and will always support you.

6. Having support system when things go right - They’re the first people to congratulate you and run up to you with hugs and opening arms. Your big is always by your side and plays the motherly role, saying how proud she is of you. 

7. Teaching you things you won’t learn in class - With the help of your sorority you have learned the basics to time management because they’re experts on balancing school, work, extracurricular clubs, philanthropy events, sisterhood events, socials, and formals. And with the guidance of older sisters, you know what professors to take without having to do the research on Rate My Professors.

8. Accepting you for who you are - Your pledge class has been there from the beginning, and together you all have your own special bond from being the new girls to transitioning into the upperclassmen and role models.

9. Reminding you the importance of being involved - Being involved with your sorority has helped you changed the lives of others through community service and philanthropy. In addition, the Panhellenic Council keeps you busy and informed about the philanthropy events of other chapters.

10. Loving you no matter what - Greek Life is like your family at home – you may not always like them, but you will always love them


Be thankful for your letters, your memories, the values your sorority upholds, and especially your sisters that have helped you through it all and are still here for you, not just for four years – but for life. 


If you’d like to sign up for Formal Recruitment, the link at the bottom and please note there is a $5 REFUNDABLE fee! There will also be an information session where you can learn more about recruitment at the Formal Recruitment 101 Session on December 1st in Room 2C of the FSC! If you have any questions about Greek Life or Formal Recruitment, please feel free to email Kaitlin Carr ([email protected]