Things You Should Buy in Your First ColourPop Order

There’s nothing us college girls love more than affordable makeup (well, we love affordable anything, but makeup especially) and ColourPop is definitely one of our favorite brands if you’re looking for beauty products that don’t break the bank!

If you haven’t heard of or tried their makeup, you’re really been missing out! ColourPop Cosmetics is an online makeup brand that offers high-quality products at drugstore prices. They have the widest selection of products we’ve ever seen, with new launches every single week – no, we’re not kidding.

With hundreds of products to choose from, we are sure you will find something you love, but with all these options it can be tough to choose where to begin!

Good news ladies, HC Bryant has done our research to determine the best products that ColourPop has to offer. Here are six products you should add to your shopping cart the first time you make an order:


An Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop’s pressed eyeshadow palettes are some of our favorites. All of them offer a mix of creamy mattes, metallic shimmers, and gorgeous pressed glitters that blend out like a dream on the eyes. Whether you’re interested in one of their monochromatic palettes, a neutral color-story, or maybe a collab palette with your favorite beauty influencer, you should definitely put a ColourPop palette at the top of your shopping list!


No Filter Foundation Stix

Although ColourPop has a few foundation formulas, their No Filter Foundation Stix is our top recommendation. This stick foundation provides medium-buildable coverage with a natural, satin skin-like finish – perfect for day to day makeup.

Pro Tip: if you’re a contour lover, buy a foundation stick a few shades darker than your skin tone and try it out to achieve a flawless cream contour!


Crème Gel Liner

If you’re looking for the best affordable eyeliner, look no further – the ColourPop Crème Gel Liner has answered all your prayers. This eyeliner works perfectly for your top lid, tight line, and waterline with an unbeatable formula that easily glides on and stays in place all day.

We don’t know what’s better about this liner: the fact that there are about 900 different shades or that it’s only $5.50. So, go ahead a pick up a few shades next time you’re on Colourpop’s website, you can afford to experiment with all the crazy colors!


Pressed Powder Highlights

We’ll give it up to drugstore highlighters, they’ve really stepped up their game in the past few years. With that being said – ColourPop’s Pressed Powder Highlights takes the cake. They are perfectly shimmery – no chunky glitter here – and give you the most gorgeous glow. The formula is so buttery, silky, and blendable, you’d think this was high-end (good news, it's only $7). You just can’t beat this one!


Ultra-Glossy Lip

Did you really think we could get through a whole post about ColourPop without recommending a lip product? They have tons of winners in the “lips” category, but the Ultra Glossy Lip Glosses are probably our favorite.

This high-shine, non-sticky formula is comfortable enough to wear all day and is sure to give you delicious, plump-looking lips. These glosses definitely have some pigment, so don’t feel like you need lipstick on underneath to make it pop – just slap some gloss on and you’re ready to go!


SOMETHING from the Super Shock Line

ColourPop’s patented Super Shock formula is the revolutionary crème-powder formula that made them famous! This formula is known for its unique, bouncy texture that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you decide to pick up some Super Shock Shadows, a Super Shock Highlight, or a Super Shock Cheek (blush), be sure to try out this formula when you shop!


ColourPop is such a great beauty brand for gals in college – they understand that even though we’re ballin' on a budget, we still want our makeup to look high end!

We also love that they’re cruelty-free, ensure the use of top-quality ingredients, and are vegan. They even offer a 10% off student discount when you sign up with UNiDAYS. We hope you test out some of our favorite Colourpop products and love them just as much as we do!



All photos provided by ColourPop.