Things to Do During the Fall at Bryant

As the leaves start to change colors, and the air gets cooler, we know that fall has finally started. In New England, fall is so beautiful, so being outside is a must! Whether you are new to Bryant University, or are simply looking for more activities to do in the fall, here are the top four things to do in the fall near Bryant!

1. Go to Jaswell’s Farm

At Jaswell’s, you have the opportunity to pick apples, buy donuts, and have fun with your favorite people. Apple picking is always so much fun, and you can always get wicked cute pictures to post!

2. Go on a Hike

Although you can go on a hike any time of the year, going in the fall exposes you to the beauty that New England brings us! Some great hiking places are Lincoln Woods State Park and Blackstone River Bikeway, but there are SO many more to choose from!

3. Take a Trip to the Beach

This may sound really weird, but going to the beach in the fall is one of the most relaxing things you can do. The stress we have all week can be compensated by simply taking a drive to the beach and taking in the crisp air. It’s so relaxing, and it is beautiful to see the beaches without people packed to the brim on the sand.

4. Drive Around

Coming from a small town, we know this is super stereotypical to say—but seriously, when you get a chance, drive around! Look at the trees and take in what fall truly gives you. The different colors are breathtaking are sure to awe you outside of Bryant’s campus.

Although these may be extremely simple ideas, they will ensure relaxation and fun. The beginning of the semester is always a stressful time of the year, so it is important that people take the time to relax and take in the beauty around them!


Photos courtesy of Pexels. Gif courtesy of Giphy.