Studying for Exams

The first month of school is over and we all know what that means, EXAMS. We want to give you a few tips before you lock yourself up in the library or try and study in your room while your roommate catches up on Netflix.


1.      Know what material the exam is on.         

99% of the time your professor will tell you what the exam will be on and what the format of the exam will be. You should know exactly what you need to study before you review you book and your notes. If you don’t know go to your professor’s office hours, they will be more than happy to tell you what material the exam will cover and this will give you an outline for studying.


2.      Find a quiet place to study or a study group that is focused on actually studying.

If you prefer to study alone find a quiet corner in the library where there will be no distractions for at least a few hours. Or if you prefer to talk with other people about the material to get a better understanding or different viewpoint, get a study group together with other people in your class. They probably need your help studying as much as you need theirs!


3.      Review your notes.

A great way to study leading up to the exam is to review your notes daily. This way you are reviewing the material more than just the night before and it will keep the information you learned in class fresh in your mind. Since you won’t be reviewing on the day before, you can go to the professor with any questions you have before the exam.


4.      Make sure you are eating right!

By eating healthy while you study you allow yourself to focus on your work rather than when you can get dinner.  The right foods can also enhance your memory and brain function!


5.      Get it done.

As much as you’ll want to put it off, study for your exams. Believe it or not you can still watch the Vampire Diaries and Scandal when your exams are over, studying a few days before your exam will also reduce stress leading up to your exam.