Stages of Waiting for a Spring Concert Ticket

Spring Weekend is fast approaching and we are all pretty anxious about getting our tickets! We are all excited for T-Pain and Mike Stud, but we’re also getting nervous about getting our tickets. Here are our Stages of Waiting for Spring Concert Tickets…

1. Preparation

Today’s the day. Spring concert tickets are available, and you WILL get one.  You came prepared – you’ve got you ID, your roommates, and your determination.

2. Excitement

Whether it’s your first spring concert, your last, or one in the middle, you CANNOT WAIT to get your hands on that ticket! In line, your adrenaline is pumping while you and your friends discuss which T-Pain songs you can’t wait to hear.

3. Anxiety

Now that the excitement has worn off, you’ve had a few minutes to check your surroundings. The line is longer than it looked – you can’t even get inside Fisher! You start to panic and kiss the thought of seeing T-Pain on campus goodbye. How could this be happening to YOU?!?!

4. Boredom

You’ve been waiting upwards of 45 minutes, and you’re still barely inside Fisher. You’ve refreshed Twitter a million times and run out of things to talk about with the cute guy behind you. You begin to wonder if the wait is even worth it, but you’re in too deep now. You resort to painfully awkward banter about the weather with your line neighbors.

5. Hunger

That boredom has turned into hunger, and now that you’re in Fisher, the smell of the Nick’s is too tempting. Maybe your new friends in line will hold your place…No way!  It’s every woman for herself here.

6. Anger

SERIOUSLY?! You’ve been waiting for almost two hours now, this is totally unacceptable. You missed dinner AND a meeting! There has to be a better way to do this. You can finally see the SPB members giving happy students their tickets, and it’s sickening. You’re jealous. You swear you’ll give those SPB members a piece of your mind. Or at least tweet about it.

7. Relief

The word “next!” was music to your ears when it was finally directed at you. The SPB member slides your ID in what feels like slow motion, and you vow to never let the ticket out of your sight. A huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders – you did it! You’re going to the spring concert!