A Simple Guide to Surviving Parents and Family Weekend

Let’s face it, as collegiettes after a long week of midterms and way too many commitments, we look forward to Friday nights and letting loose. This Friday night is a little different than most though. Instead of being able to sleep Saturday away with no responsbilities, our loving parents will be greeting us at what seems like the crack of dawn, hungover or not hungover. So we at HC Bryant are here to give you some tips to turn your Saturday into a functional and fun day, without sleeping your Friday night away in bed with Netflix.

1) Give yourself a curfew: Sounds kind of high schoolish, right? Wrong. Sounds responsible. By giving yourself a time you should be back in your room by, you will be giving yourself enough time to sleep and rest so you aren’t a monster all day Saturday.

2) Hydrate! No, that does not mean drink an extra beer. Drink a cup of water in between every drink you have. This is said to really help with a hangover the next morning.

3) Sleep in your own bed: Get a good rest in your own bed. Not a friend’s floor, or your boyfriend’s unmade mess of a bed.

4) Order a nice fatty meal: During the day Friday, we often don’t eat anything that isn’t healthy because we don’t want to look bloated. However, studies have shown that a hangover is not about how much alcohol you drink, but how you metabolize alcohol.

5) Pop an Advil before bed: This will start working by the time you wake up rather than waking up and waiting for it to kick in.

6) Don’t drink: Well the easy solution to this all would be just to not drink and instead have some girl time. Check out these ideas: