Quick Tips for Remote Learning

As we settle down into another semester of hybrid learning, it is important that we have a positive fresh start with all of our new classes. As many of us have noticed last semester, it is a lot harder paying attention when attending class remotely instead of being in-person. However, here at Her Campus, we have learned from our mistakes made in previous classes, and are happy to share our knowledge and recommend a few tips that you can start the semester strong!

Here are some ways to make online learning a little bit easier:
  1. 1. Wake Up!!

    Believe us, we know how tempting it is to set your alarm for 7:55 A.M. when you have a class that begins at 8:00 A.M. However, joining your class while you're still in your pajamas makes it much too enticing to just go back to sleep. Getting up with enough time for you to get dressed, brush your teeth, and even have breakfast will make you feel less tired and therefore better able to focus on class. This stategy is also good for staying in your routine, as you're doing everything that you normally would if you planned to leave your room. Treating remote class the same way as you treat class that is in-person reinforces the idea that online class is just as important!

  2. 2. Utilize Your Planner

    Although it is easier to see the due date of assignments when everything is done electronically, it is still beneficial to write down what you need to get done. Making sure you are able to work on assignments so that they are completed by the due date is a great way to boost your grade early on. Keeping track of when things are due makes it easier to ensure that you allow yourself enough time to meet the deadline, especially when you have work due on the same day in multiple classes.

  3. 3. Put Away Your Phone

    We know you've heard this plenty of times before, but we want to remind you that putting down your phone does work! There are constantly distractions coming up on our phones, so keeping them out of sight during class makes it a lot easier to give your full attention to the topic that you are learning. You wouldn't be able to get away with constant texting and Instagram-surfing during an in-person class, so give your professor the same amount of respect when you are online! 

  4. 4. Get Some Exercise

    One of the most important aspects of life is balance. Just because your classes are online does not mean you are destined to spend the day at your desk! Make sure you spend time getting up and moving, even if it is just for a quick walk. Going outside is always a great way to clear your head and relax after a stressful day. This also keeps you feeling connected to the real world, as you shouldn't be staring at a screen all day. Remember, taking a break every so often is healthy!

  5. 5. Reflect on Your Learning Style

    Everyone learns differently, so being online definitely has a greater effect on some people more than others. Because of this, it is best to figure out the style of learning that best suits you. Whether that is turning on your camera so you feel more engaged in class or writing down notes by hand to better understand the lesson, knowing yourself and your learning style will increase what you get out of an online class. No matter how you learn, use this information to help you give this semester a positive start. You got this!

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