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The Proper Way to Participate in a Cookie Swap

Being invited to a cookie swap is exciting; Just think about all the different cookies you’ll be able to try!  You may start to rethink things once you realize you have to bake cookies for everyone else, too, but it’s worth it. Here are the steps to get prepared for your holiday swap:

1. Choose the most complicated recipe from Pinterest

2. Buy enough ingredients to make an excessive amount of cookie batches

3. Proceed to eat all the cookie dough

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2

5.  Actually put this batch of cookies in the oven

6. Let them cool and decorate

7. Realize they look nothing like the picture

8. Buy some premade cookie dough from the store and bake that instead

9.  Put the premade cookies in the cute baggies to make them look made from scratch

10. Go to the cookie swap and stuff your face with sugary goodness

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