Playlist Challenges: An Activity You Didn't Know You Needed

We all love when we find that fire playlist that fits our exact mood, pumps us up or just has all of your favorite jams.

How about being challenged to make that kind of playlist yourself? No one knows you better than you, right?

We've been challenged by our friends and have thought of some playlist challenges ourselves and didn't want to hog all the fun (trust us, they ARE fun)! It's even better when you convince your friends to jump on the bandwagon and make the same playlists. After you're both done, you can compare them and either laugh, bond or argue over each other's music tastes. Hey, what could go wrong?

Alright, let's check them out:



  1. 1. The Best-of-the-Best Challenge

    For this playlist challenge, the rule is you choose 50 (give or take) of your all-time favorite songs. BUT, the catch is you can only choose one song by a given artist.

    Have one favorite artist that doesn't have a bad song? Well, we're here to tell you that you can only choose one to add to this playlist! We didn't say these challenges would be easy, did we? 

    Pro Tip: Make your friends do this challenge too and compare your playlists -- see what happens!

  2. 2. The GOATs

    If you couldn't tell from the title, for this challenge you add only songs that you believe to be the Greatest Of All Time (GOATs). You may think it's easy, but make sure you don't miss any timeless jams!

  3. 3. Ladies Only!

    This playlist is perfect for those nights where your girl gang is anti-men (maybe it's just us?). The trick is, there cannot be ANY men featured in the song. No men in the band. Nothing! It may sound simple, but when you actually go to make this playlist, you quickly realize how many men are in the music industry!

  4. 4. For the Aliens

    Ever thought about the world ending? Well, if you haven't, maybe you should just so you can make this super fun playlist. Pick the songs you think would perfectly play in the background as the aliens take over. Sounds bizarre, but you'd be surprised by how entertaining this can get!

  5. 5. [Insert the Year You Were a Freshman] Relived

    What was blasting through campus as you moved in for the first time onto campus? If you were a freshman in 2016, you may still be triggered by the song Closer by the Chainsmokers. 

    Feel free to get a little reminiscent with this one -- it will REALLY bring you back!

  6. 6. Moody Playlist

    Are you in your feels one day? Do you need a good cry? 

    Sometimes we need that last push to let it all out, and that's not a bad thing! Make a playlist of those songs that just hit you in that certain way and let the tears roll. There's no benefit in holding it in!

  7. 7. Astrological Sign-Inspired Playlist

    So, we know the zodiac just recently did a switch-a-roo (if you haven't heard, read our article here), but we all know what sign we are at heart. This also means we know the primary characteristics of our signs. Use this to make the perfect playlist for you and your fellow Aries, Virgos, Pieces, Cancers -- you get the idea!

  8. 8. Feelin' Myself

    We all have our jams. Make them into a playlist for those times you need to pump yourself up or jam out on your own and don't care who's watching! May we suggest having Lizzo's 'Good as Hell' as the first song?

Playlist challenges are random, but they're a fun idea to spice up your music taste if it's getting a little bland. Also, who knows, maybe these playlists will catch on with your friends or be a hit at a party - you can't go wrong!

Now open up your favorite music platform and get to it!


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