Meet the New President of Sigma Chi

To start off the spring semester, Her Campus Bryant wanted to give our readers a brief introduction to Greek life on campus. 

We decided to talk with the eight new Greek life presidents to learn more about their involvement on campus and what's next for their chapter.

Here is our interview with the president of the fraternity Sigma Chi, TJ Mullen.

HC: Why did you decide to go Greek?

TM: I decided to go Greek because I wanted to become more involved on campus and make a difference. I chose Sigma Chi because during rush week in the Spring during my freshman year, I was given the opportunity to meet several brothers. It quickly became apparent to me that the brothers in Sigma Chi here at Bryant University are motivated leaders who are always striving to improve.


HC: Why did you decide to run for president?

TM: My interest in running for president began when I was approached by some of my closest friends and they told me that I should run. I thought about it, and I was certainly nervous at first because I was the first sophomore to ever run for president.

But eventually, I decided to run for president because I felt that I could be an effective leader and always keep the fraternity’s best interests in mind at all times.


HC: What is your favorite thing about your fraternity?

TM: My favorite part about being in Sigma Chi is definitely the unwavering support system that you gain when you join the fraternity. Our brothers come from all different backgrounds and that is a major advantage because you always have people there for you and I can confidently say that some of my best friends are in Sigma Chi.


HC: What is your favorite memory from being a part of your fraternity?

TM: My favorite memory from Sigma Chi was certainly being a part of our annual philanthropy event known as Derby Days last year. Derby Days is a week-long event in which our fraternity raises money for Huntsman Cancer Institute.

In the past, we had raised $20,000 for Huntsman, but last year alone we raised over $50,000 thanks to the amazing community here at Bryant University.


HC: What is one thing you are excited about that's happening in your organization this semester?

TM: Derby Days is one of the most exciting events of the entire year because everyone gets involved, including sororities and non-Greek like students. Our fraternity hosts a week of philanthropic events which are always so much fun. People are split up into teams and it is a competition to see which team can raise the most money.

This year Derby Days are from April 12th - 19th. We urge any student at Bryant University to reach out to our Derby Days chair ([email protected]) on how to get involved.

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Photos provided by TJ Mullen.