Meet the Greek Life Presidents - Ally McCorison

Meet: Ally McCorison of Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Her Campus: Why did you decide to Go Greek?

Ally McCorison: I decided to Go Greek because of the various leadership and volunteer opportunities that were presented to me. I thought it would be a great opportunity to further develop myself while also making everlasting friendships. During my freshman year, I wanted to get more involved on campus and meet more people and Greek life seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that.

HC: When did you decide to run for President?

AM: My previous position gave me a lot of insight about how the chapter was run and what the chapter needed moving forward. I wanted the chance to further help my chapter. I also think it will be a great growth opportunity for me since it is more responsibility than my last position. I am excited to see where this position takes me. 

HC: What are your favorite things about ASA?

AM: My favorite things about ASA are the close relationships and the philanthropies. Over the past two years, we have been able to develop such close and deep friendships with each other. I currently spend a lot of my time with my sisters and even live with a few of them. My sisters have become some of my closest friends and I love all the connections I have been able to make.

The Gamma Chi chapter has been able to work closely with two of our four philanthropies. While we have been able to send donations to each of our philanthropies, we are able to volunteer closely with Special Olympics and Girls on the Run. Volunteering is something I have always been passionate about so having the opportunity to work closely with these two organizations is definitely one of my favorite things about ASA and our chapter.

HC: Are you in any other leadership roles on campus? Or in any other clubs or organizations?

AM: I am currently a general member of the Accounting Association and Registration Chairman for Special Olympics.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Bryant?

AM: My favorite things about Bryant are the close community feel and the strong focus on academic and career success.

HC: What is your favorite ASA memory?

AM: My favorite ASA memory is Bid Night, both my own bid night and the following year. Bid night is such a fun time for everyone to let loose and relax after a long weekend and celebrate the new sisters. Everyone has a lot of fun and you really get to see the excitement for the sorority and its sisters.