Meet the Cast of Heathers The Musical

Heathers The Musical premieres this weekend, April 6-8 at 7pm on Friday and Saturday and 2pm on Sunday. 

Name: Nicole D’Andrea

Grade: Senior

Major: Management and ISA double concentration

Character and Bio about character: Veronica Sawyer, your average awkward high school girl trying to fit in with the popular crowd and navigate the most conventional and unconventional troubles of being a teenager.

How are you and your character the same? We are both absolutely awkward, and think that we are much funnier than we actually are.

How are you different? While I would like to think that I’m a somewhat forgiving person in relationships, Veronica is a bit too oblivious to some of her love interest JD’s… shall we say… darker qualities. She also is desperate to fit in (or even blend in) to the popular crowd.

Have you learned anything from your character? Throughout the timeline of the show, Veronica grows and changes to the point where the drama, pettiness, and lack of self-confidence she experienced at the beginning of the show have altogether melted away. She is no longer concerned with what others think of her and has learned to be independent and confident in her choices. I’ve definitely gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout my college career, and I think playing Veronica has shown me that no matter how low you get, you can always turn things around and rebuild. She has to be strong at the most trying of times, and she learns the very hard lesson that simply being herself is enough.

Message for the audience? This show, while at times wildly inappropriate, is so entertaining and so special. It runs the gamut from funny to depressing to encouraging and everything in between, and there’s a new twist awaiting you at every turn. It is guaranteed to make you laugh, and to make you think, so I hope that everyone gives it a chance and comes out to see it!


Name: Jonathan Rosum

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Undeclared

Character and Bio about character: Jason Dean (JD), a very emotional character that doesn’t understand the line between caring and psychotic. He is a very easy individual to trigger.

How are you and your character the same? I would say that JD has a relatively soft side to him that is shown throughout the first act, and I feel as though that is my main way of relating to him.

How are you different? I would say that I’m not easily triggered by smaller things. JD doesn’t like anything that bothers him and he will do whatever he has to make sure that he never feels that way.

Have you learned anything from your character? I have learned that with JD there is a fine line between caring and obsession. JD is a character that is very much over the top and will often emulate the latter than the former.

Message for the audience? Enjoy the show!


Name: Theresa Galli

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Applied Psychology

Character and Bio about character: Hipster Dork is very eccentric and quirky! She is not quite sure what crowd she fits in with at school. She has quite the romantic interest in the Heathers, she’d “like to be their girlfriend”!!!

How are you and your character the same? I would also say I am kind of a quirky dork and a very strange person.

How are you different? Well, contrary to popular belief, I am not a lesbian.

Have you learned anything from your character? Be yourself!!!!!

Message for the audience? High school is a joke, don’t take it too seriously! Enjoy the show!


Name: Monica Cable

Grade: Junior/

Major: Accounting

Character and Bio about character: Heather McNamara, head cheerleader. Her dad is loaded; he sells engagement rings. Heather McNamara is popular because she is a follower. She doesn't take initiative, but is more than happy to go along with the crowd.

How are you and your character the same? We are both cheerful and animated, and should probably think a little more before saying the things we say.

How are you different? I'd like to think I'm less selfish than Heather, and not quite as ditzy.

Have you learned anything from your character? It's okay to be a little insecure at times. If you decide to open up about that, your true friends will support you and help you through.


Name: Dana Brokmeier

Grade: Freshman

Major: Marketing and Media and Cultural Studies

Character and Bio about character: Martha Dunnstock- Veronica Sawyer’s best friend who is a huge and beautiful soul. She is extremely optimistic even in the face of rejection. Martha is the heart of the school and always tries to stay true to herself. She is the weirdo of the school that gets picked on often but she never lets that negativity get to her.

How are you and your character the same? Martha always stays true to herself and doesn’t let others change her while also tries to see the best in people. She dreams big and I believe that those are just a few characteristics that I try to keep with me at all times.

How are you different? Martha is sort of shy and doesn’t really stand up for herself. She tends to let things go but if something is bothering me, I don’t let it get to me; I tell it how it is. Martha isn't completely confident when faced with a problem but I stand up for myself and what I believe in.

Have you learned anything from your character? I've gained a new perspective on ignoring ignorant and hateful talk and moving on from it because life will get better. There may not be any happy endings but it doesn’t mean that in the end, you can't be happy.

Message for the audience? Stay true to yourself and you will start to see the people who are truly there for you.

Name: Dan Plumeri

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Accounting/Applied Analytics Concentration

Character and Bio about character: I play the Preppy Stud, one of the Westerberg High School students. He aspires to be one of the cool kids and he sometimes hangs out with Kurt and Ram making fun of students or beating up nerds like that JD kid.

How are you and your character the same? We both think that our sense of style is above the rest, but in reality, we look terrible.

How are you different? Preppy Stud tries his hardest to be part of the cool kids, but I could care less about the cool kids. It's more fun to make fun of the cool kids behind their backs.

Have you learned anything from your character? I learned how to be extremely mean to people and that acting like a complete turd is harder than it seems.

Message for the audience? Look out for Preppy Stud as he climbs his way to the top of the crowd only to stumble over his own ego. Also, my hoodie is cool, right?


Name: Addison Mueller

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Communications

Character and Bio about character: Principal Gowan – He is the man in charge of this godforsaken school, and he doesn’t really care about all of the deaths going on. He just wants to get his job done and go home.

How are you and your character the same? We both are big fans of Robert, and neither of us want to be here.

How are you different? I have no position of power over these people.

Have you learned anything from your character? With great power comes limited consequences.

Message for the audience? Hi, thank you for coming. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (mostly the tears) have gone into this show, so I hope you enjoy it. Break a leg!


Name: Jillian Cash

Grade: Freshman

Major: International Business Management/Marketing

Character and Bio about character: Young Republicanette: This character is very driven in school involvement, and wants fellow students to be involved in politics and the school community.

How are you and your character the same? Just like the character, I am very involved in the school community and love getting involved! On campus I am proudly in Bryant Players, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and Club Tennis to name a few 🙂

How are you different? The character is claimed to be a republican in the title, and this is very much not me!

Have you learned anything from your character? This character is essentially a generic high school student, and has shown me behind every "average person” there is an exciting story waiting to be heard.

Message for the audience? Thank you for your never ending love and support, the show truly could not go on without you.

Name: Lorenzo J. Ricci

Grade: Freshman

Major: Communications

Character and Bio about character: Mr. Scott Sawyer, enjoys reading spy novels as often as he can. He was married to Mrs. Sawyer in Late 60s, when love was free. He is also fond of dumb jokes and loves his daughter Veronica, who is moving to college next year and he is preparing himself to say goodbye to his little girl. He is also a graduate of Westerburg High and went to school with Ram and Kurt's dads.

How are you and your character the same? We both deeply care about those that are close to us, and if something seems wrong, like with Veronica, we will try our best to reach out, although we may not fully understand. Also, we are both fans of dumb inside jokes and "Dad Humor."

How are you different? I have a bit more of an energetic kick in me, whereas Veronica's dad is a bit more relaxed. He is also less generous with words and is not a big talker like I am.

Have you learned anything from your character? My character has taught me that sometimes, you can still care about someone without saying anything. Actions speak louder than words.

Message for the audience? I don’t know if you will take anything deep from this show, but if you do, great! If not, don’t worry about it, although it is deep, it's also just a big huge party that everyone is invited to so have some BIG FUN!


Name: Connor Evans

Grade: Junior

Major: Communication/LCS

Character and Bio about character: Ram Sweeney. Ram is a high-testosterone, low-intelligence linebacker who enjoys life at the top of the high school hierarchy. Though he doesn't offer much in the way of intellect or respect for peers, women, or adults, he makes up for it with his unending devotion to his equally dislikable best friend, Kurt.

How are you and your character the same? ...well we both play sports.

How are you different? I hope I don't need to answer this.

Have you learned anything from your character? Dear goodness, no.

Message for the audience? Just watch the show, you'll see what I mean.


Name: Robert Simoneau

Grade: Freshman

Major: Communication

Character and Bio about character: Coach Ripper. Ripper is the coach of the Westerberg Rottweilers and is sick of his job. He and the principal are done with the school and are constantly participating in any drama they can find. However, whenever there are any illegal goings on within his school, Ripper takes action.

How are you and your character the same? We both find it funny when others get made fun of.

How are you different? I would never reveal that fact publicly. Wait...

Have you learned anything from your character? I have learned that even if you hate everything around you, there is always something in which you can find solace.

Message for the audience? When things get tough, just cancel class!


Name: Jacob Costa

Grade: Junior

Major: Politics and Law

Character and Bio about character: My character’s name in the show is “Beleaguered Geek.” He’s a senior at Westerberg High and is planning on going to school to become an astrophysicist, as is evidenced by his love of NASA. In addition to that, he’s also loves reading and collecting comic books. While he is friendly with several of his fellow students, sometimes even helping them out with homework, he’s often pushed to side and not given a second thought by many other students. He often finds himself laughing at other students in an effort to seem more accepted than others.

How are you and your character the same? We both wear glasses and we’re both interested in comic books and care about doing well in school.

How are you different? My character is often bullied while I’m not, and doesn’t have many friends while I do. Also, my character tends to laugh at other people getting made fun of, most likely because he’s been put down and does it to feel better than someone else. I believe that if I were in that position I wouldn’t do something like that; I don’t like seeing others feel miserable or depressed.

Have you learned anything from your character? I would say that I’ve learned that picking on others doesn’t make you stronger; it makes you weaker as a person. Really the best way to go through life is to be yourself and not worry if you’re different than others, because everyone has their own uniqueness. Also, I’ve learned that the way you treat others does leave an impact, and can lead to serious consequences.

Message for the audience? I want the audience to walk away feeling energized and happy after this show. It’s been immensely fun for everyone involved, and if there’s anything that people should take away from this show it’s to embrace what makes you unique and know that being a good friend to someone can make a larger difference than anyone can imagine.