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Last Minute Spring Break Body Tips

Spring break is almost here!  In fact, it’s only a week away.  If you’re going somewhere tropical you are probably pumped to say the least.  HC Bryant knows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle to be bikini ready is super difficult. We pulled together a few easy tricks to take advantage of the last week before spring break so that you are able to look your best.

1. Drink only water, tea, and coffee

An easy way to cut out unnecessary calories is by only drinking water, tea and, coffee. Soda has so many calories that aren’t good for your body and juices are loaded with sugar.  Also, a hydrated body is usually less hungry!


2. Walk everywhere!

If you go to Bryant, you probably do this already.  But, if you’re tempted to drive up to the gym or the football field, give your body a little extra boost and put in the cardio instead! You’ll thank yourself later. 


3. Hit the Gym

Even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day, going to the gym adds up.  Cardio is a great way to exercise whether it’s on the treadmill, elliptical, stair master, or bike.  If you know your way around the gym, don’t skip out of your workout routine, especially this last week before jetting off with your friends.


4. Cut out sugar

Sugar is everywhere.  Avoid that dessert after your dinner in the dining hall.  Chose a sugar-free flavor for your Dunkin’ order instead of a swirl.  


5. Eat lots of protein and veggies!

The easiest way to avoid cravings is filling up on the healthy stuff!  Swap out the pasta for more broccoli and your body will thank you.


6. Don’t eat late at night!

Pick a time about 3-4 hours before you go to sleep and don’t eat after that time.  Your body won’t need the energy from food while you’re catching some z’s.


7. Make sure to sleep well

They call it beauty rest for a reason!  Not to mention studies have shown that more sleep correlates with lower weight.

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