Instagram is Getting Rid of Likes? Say WHAT?

Yes, you read the title correctly – apparently, Instagram will be getting rid of like counts on posts in the coming weeks!



Before we all freak out, let’s try and get the facts straight. It seems like everyone has a different idea of what “getting rid of likes” actually means.


We did our research, so you don’t have to, and here is what we found:

It’s been in the news quite a bit that Instagram rolled out the idea of hiding like counts in many countries to test the waters and receive feedback. Countries like Ireland, Australia, Brazil, and Canada have all been used as test markets, and just last week Instagram revealed that the process of hiding likes will begin expanding to the United States in the coming weeks.


So, is every Instagram user going to have their likes hidden?

According to our research, there is no rhyme or reason as to who will be tested on with this new plan. However, the Internet seems to believe that those who can be considered ‘influencers’ are more in danger of getting their like counts removed than an average user.


What do you mean by “hidden like counts”?

The users who will be tested and have their number of likes hidden will not be able to see the total number of likes or views on others’ posts, as well as their own, on their feed or on others’ profiles.

However, they will be able to see the number of likes they receive on their individual posts on their profile.

Users can still ‘like’ photos and videos as they normally would by double-tapping or clicking on the heart under the post, but the number will not appear under the given post. Instead of seeing “[Username Here] and X-amount of other people have liked this post”, users will only see “[Username here] and others have liked this post, giving no number to any users but the one who published the post.

Why is Instagram even doing this?

Instagram’s motive for this plan is to minimize the competitive pressure that has been created on the social media forum, according to CNN Business.

By not being able to see others’ like counts, Instagram’s goal is to make the platform less competitive.

Forbes has even posted a piece on Instagram’s new plan and features the original screenshots that leaked Instagram’s plan before it hit the platform for real. In the screenshots, you can see a notification from Instagram saying “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get”.

Forbes continues to elaborate on the negative effects that ‘likes’ have actually had on our society. The detrimental obsession with the number of likes we get on photos, and the chance we even delete photos that don’t get enough, has actually been proven to negatively impact our mental health. Instagram wants to motivate people to focus more so on the interaction with the app, not the so-called ‘social clout’ that can be justified through a number of hearts under a photo.


Are influencers completely freaking out?

Well, this roll-out will definitely force influencers to adapt their strategies. Many rely on their popularity and number of likes to uphold their ‘influencer status’, attract brand deals and monitor their metrics. We'll have to wait and see what they come up with next!


Is this going to be permanent?

For now, CNN Business says that it is undetermined if Instagram will be hiding likes permanently as this plan is only in the exploratory stages.



Stay tuned to see how this pans out within the coming weeks! For now, keep doing your thing on Instagram!







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