How to Have A Fun Summer When You Have An Internship

Ahhh summer. The beautiful weather, the fun trips to the beach, the late night adventures with your friends, and being able to rest after a stressful school year. Unfortunately, if you have an internship, you aren’t able to do all of these fun things. While internships are great for experience and resume building, but it means that your care-free fun in the sun days are over. It is easy to build a routine throughout the summer: wake up, go to your internship, eat dinner, go to bed. Your summer will slowly drag on and you will probably go back to school feeling sad that your summer wasn’t exciting. While a summer in the sun is better than one working, we are here to help you still have a great summer if you have an internship.

Schedule dinner dates

Now that you are (hopefully) making some money, you can use your extra cash to treat yourself to meals out. Make plans to go out to dinner with friends or family after work. Check out the local restaurants in the area where you work and sit outside to take advantage of your few hours seeing the sun.

Walk during lunch

Take advantage of every minute of your lunch break. Bring your lunch from home so you can save money, spend 20 minutes eating, and then head outside and walk around! If your company has an outdoor seating area, that is even better!

Run errands after work

If you planned to go to the grocery store or pick up your dry cleaning after work but you just feel too tired, go anyway! If you push off all of your errands for the weekend, that means your weekend will have less time available for you to do stuff you actually want to do.    

Find a new hobby

Instead of watching TV after work, find a new hobby! There is plenty of time to watch TV during the school year but you may not be able to do your hobby like gardening, biking, or painting when you are at college.

Stay up late

Some days when you are working, you may want to fall right asleep when you get home at 5:30. Getting up early and working all day is tough. However, if you go to bed super early then you will definitely feel like you are in a rut of working, eating, and sleeping. Don’t stay up too late but don’t go to bed too early. You can use the weekend to catch up on your ZZZ’s.

Go to the beach in the evening

Since you can’t go to the beach during the day, go to a local beach in the evening to eat some dinner or play Frisbee with your friends. You will feel instantly happier with the sand in between your toes.

Make the most of the weekend

Use the weekend to catch up on sleep, do fun activities you can’t do during the week, and let your mind be free of internship stress.


Good luck at your internships, collegiettes! Although we would all love a care free summer, stay positive about how you are making money and preparing yourself for success in your future!